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Feb 3, 2007 06:50 PM

Taste of Burlington

Review of Tatse 2/3/07:

Man oh man, it sure is cod on the Burlington waterfront ! This was our first "taste of taste". We ordered a bottle of Visions Cellars, a martini ad and a couple apps, The martini arrived wrong and was removed and repalced and botn apps were excellent. The oysters (Blue Point) were served with cocktail and a zippy shallot sauce. The fried calamai was crisp and wel presented with fried herbs and dippng sauces. Next we ordered a paear and Mancnageo cheese salad along with crab cakes, both were very good. What to do next ? How about the pasta with spicy peanut sauce ? OK, I'm in ! A nice size bowl of linguine style noodles with various vegetables and a nice peanut /chili sauce (although the chicken never made an appearance). The Pinot Noir (by the glass) was served in a proper glass as requested. Service was well executed, timely, and friendly which is a rare combination !

Overall, an 8.5 on a 10 point scale.

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  1. Wow! Thanks, Tony... still haven't made it there yet. My husband was suppose to go for a work-related lunch, but it was switched to Smokejacks at the last minute. Has anyone tried their lunch menu?

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    1. re: katiepie

      FYI- No lunch at Taste! I wanted to bring my mom last week- No go. They open by reservation for groups of 10 or more the server told me.

    2. Hopefully the multitude of typos wasn't too annoying (one too many glasses of wine may have played a role). Overall, a nice place to add to the list in Burlington. The ease of parking is also a big plus !

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      1. re: TonyO

        Gee,and I thought you were pounding on your laptop keyboard with frostbitten fingers.
        In a boat, bobbing in the middle of Lake Champlain :-)

        Seriously, nice report Tony.

        1. re: Harp00n

          A few more pops and I might have been up to it !

      2. Hi Tony,

        Thanks for the review, sounds great! I ate there just once, summer of 2005, and just always forget about it. Sounds yummy!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. They have a nice looking and fairly priced Valentine's Day offering. Lots of choices! Wish there was a glass of wine included!