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Feb 3, 2007 06:09 PM

Cookies from Lakota @ Darwin's Limited, Harvard Sq., Cambridge

Lakota's cookies are as good as ever. And Darwin's Limited on Mt Auburn still carries a nice selection.

Love the evocative mint cream sandwich, great peppermint, showing off the soft, slightly chewy chocolatey cookie very well.

A brilliant snap in the chocolate dipped shortbread -- one could almost feel the millions of microlayers of shortbread shifting and breaking simultaneously into beautiful crumbs. Beautiful temper on the chocolate too, glossy, hard and brittle, never melting on touch.

A delicate linzer cookie, well proportioned, sweet berry balanced against soft buttery cookie.

Mocha cream sandwich was the least of my favourite and it was still good, nice and brittle cookie, just a bit weaker on the mocha cream in the middle.

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  1. pemberton's in north cambridge also has a nice selection from lakota's,

    1. Lakota's cookies are made in Arlington and they have a retail store at their bakery, it is in Arlington Height s on Mass. Ave

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        You can make a whole trip out of it. Something Savory for a meal, Penzey's for spices and Lakota for dessert.

        The cookies from the bakery are superior to the ones at Formaggio or Darwins. My favorites are their macaroons, especially the lemon ones. Sometimes the cookies are slightly stale outside the bakery. Still tasty but when you've had them fresh...