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Feb 3, 2007 05:24 PM

favorite korean bbq on n. blvd

have just been introduced to korean and need some ideas-thx

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  1. There are two places I love in terms of Korean on Northern Blvd. San Soo Kap Sun near I think its 168th St. on Northern, which is great great Korean BBQ, and then there's Picnic Garden on Northern and 149th St. Picnic Garden is an all you can eat Korean BBQ buffet, and it's quite cheap. The quality isn't as good, but its definitely good for it's price and volume.

    1. since you're new to the cuisine, you might want to try jang tuh on 37th ave at union st. it's been there for a long time but is still a solid standby for bbq. don't know where you've been but it will in all likelihood be a step up from other korean joints you may have tried.

      1. i don't recommend picnic garden at all unless you are a part of a hungry, voracious group of teenage boys that can eat an endless amount of kalbi and korean food. the food quality is ok.

        i do like jang tuh, kitty corner from the police station on union st.

        i also like nam oh jung, on northern and around 157th or 160th st...