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Feb 3, 2007 05:21 PM

Baked Alaska in Toronto

Hello, food gurus!

Could you help me out? Where can one get a good Baked Alaska here in Toronto!


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  1. Hi Steve,

    I am sure you can get it at Dutch Dreams Ice Cream parlour at Vaughn Rd. and Bathurst. The place is owned by a father and son duo but the father has been semi-retired for the last couple of years and he was the one who made the Baked Alaska.

    A couple of years ago I chatted with the son and, at that time it was still on their menu, he gave me the impression that the Baked Alaska was pretty much his fathers domain although he could make them if he had too.

    You may want to check before heading out. I think Dutch Dreams may be your best bet to find this phenomenal dessert in Toronto.

    Let me know how it goes!

      1. Very easy to make at home.. we used to always have it at easter.
        Buy the box of neoplolitan ice cream I think chapmans does it..or if you prefer you can choose whatever ice cream, let it melt a little bit and use a loaf pan, press your 1st layer of ice cream into the pan freeze follow procedure with next 2 layers. Make a brownie loaf in the a similar loaf pan. Once you have your ice cream layers & brownie complete add the brownie layer onto the bottom of the ice cream & freeze together. Proceed with your basic merangue recipe, take ice cream from freezer, let thaw a little bit. Add the merange onto the top & take to the taple add some grand marnie to the top & light it up. Simple.
        Or follow the recipe i attached which is more detailed.

        1. Barberian's steakhouse has it on their after theatre/late night menu.

          1. According to Toronto Life's new issue Opal Jazz Lounge flambees their Baked Alaska tableside in the traditional manner... sounds like fun.

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              Barberian's also does this. You can request it before 10pm even though it's on their late menu.

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                Yep - my wife ordered it at Opal. It's flambeed with an anise liqueur, which my wife was so-so on. It was a dramatic presentation, and technically correct, but it didn't quite satisfy my wife's desire for something that was more ...cooked? I guess she's always wanted to try it, but her impression was that the meringue would be cooked and golden like in a lemon pie - not the case with a flambeed meringue. If I'm getting it right, she wanted the childlike drama of cooked ice cream, rather than simply flambeed ice cream. It was fine, good enough. Frankly though, I was suprised to see it at all on the menu - it's essentially cake and ice cream.