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The best burger thread left me wondering- best fries?

The burger's faithful side-kick is often given short-shrift. Where are they and why, often times are they never next to the best burger? One of life's great unfairnesses (is that a word?). Lets find them.........

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  1. I vote for Casablanca, the best fries I've had in many years (lots of crunchy bits while still pretty thick fries). Reminded me of some childhood favorites from 40 years ago.

    1. I'm going to jump right in and propose the baked fries at B.Good. I was pretty skeptical before trying them but I think they're fantastic: the seasonings and the well-done crisp to these fries are really nice.

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        agreed! their fries are fantastic; the burgers are so-so.

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          yeah, i wouldn't say *best* fries, but they're better than average even though they aren't fried. according to the menu they only have like 100 calories IIRC. i kind of like the chicken sandwiches too.

        2. the fries at mistral are pretty awesome!!

          1. North Street Grille's are great although you will smell like them when you leave.

            1. The one consistent point of agreement about UBurger on this board seems to be their fries. They are pretty amazing.

              1. The frites at Central Kitchen are consistently my most favorite french fries -- ideally with the mussels and some Iggy's epi to soak up the sauce...

                I'm also not shy about saying the fries at McDonald's are among the best there are when served fresh out of the fryer -- and they are $1 for the small! I think the one at Twin City Plaza on McGrath O'Brien Highway is really consistent and readily honors requests for fresh out of the fryer. Of course, the burger sidekick will be a serious, serious problem there...

                1. I have three favorite for three types of fries.

                  Central Kitchen for the thick fries to dip in the juices from the wonderful mussels from Brussels.

                  Neptune Oyster for their incredible brown, crispy, addictive traditional size fries

                  Sel de la Terre for their thin, lovely seasoned-with-rosemary pomme frites.

                  I tried to post photos but apparently you have to edit them for the CH shape or you get an odd crop. I'll try when I have more time.

                  1. Here is a try with photos cropped to a square. Let's see if this works.
                    I don't have a photo of Central Kitchen but below are Neptune and Sel De La Terre's offerings.

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                      I'll second the Sel de la Terre fries.

                      Another favorite, mentioned in the burger thread, is Gargoyle's (and the burgers are awesome).

                      And Sagra (newly opened) has no burgers, but have mezzalune fried potatoes which you can have with their version of fish and chips, or as a side. These are thin, half-moon shaped potato slices that crispy on the outside that melt in your mouth.

                      1. i'm not a big fry guy, but in cambridge i like the fries at algiers (soft, brown, and oily) and the druid (crispy).

                        1. Try Costello's chili cheese fries...boy, were they good! Blew my diet that day.
                          The burgers are pretty tasty too.

                          1. The "Damned Good Fries" at East Coast Grill and All Star Sandwich are justly named. I also really like the frites at Eastern Standard, and for something indulgent, the truffle parmesan frites at Sorellina.


                            1. I really like the fries at River Gods, the small bar in Cambridge. They're not too thick nor thin, come well done, covered in flecks of roasted garlic, and a size of mild garlic aioli. They're addictive.

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                                I really like the River Gods ones, too, but their quality drops of steeply once they get cold. Superb hot, average at room temp.

                              2. Costello's, Uburger, both great hand cut fries. Delicious when served fresh outta the flyer, glistening w/ grease..mmmmmm.
                                Also I had the burger and fries at Eastern Standard this weekend and enjoyed them both...I'd rate the fries pretty highly there too.

                                1. Best fries? Hmmmm, I'd have to agree with folks about Costello's. I also like the fries at the Halfway Cafe (their burgers are really good, too).

                                  1. 1. Sorellina
                                    2. Lumiere
                                    3. B.Good

                                    That would be my pick, and they are unforuntately also in descending price too!

                                    1. I like the ones you can get at most fairs like the Big-E etc.. You know the ones where they cut the big potatoes right there and drop into the oil then serve to you in those cardboard dogbowl things.

                                      Also love a good batch from McDs

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                                      1. The frites at Eastern Standard are dlicious. Thin & crispy. Thye accompany the mussel appetizer, which is a nice twist. And, I always order the steak frites there...more for the fries than the steak.

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                                          The also come with the steak tartare at ESK.


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                                            And the grilled cheese (my favorite)!

                                        2. The truffle fries at Sorellina were the best I've had in a long time.

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                                            They currently offer parmesan truffle fries at Harvard Gardens. Just as good.

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                                              I was pleasantly surprised at how good the fries were at Harvard Gardens, a place I normally avoid. In fact, the food in general seemed to have improved between my visits, albeit infrequent.

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                                                Thanks for the lead....I'll be in the area next week. I hope they serve them on the lunch menu.

                                            2. I think the sweet potato fries at ECG are still my favorite. does that count?

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                                                I was going to write something similar. I tried Beni Cafe's sweet potato fries the other day and loved them, including the semi-spicey dipping sauce it comes with.

                                              2. Halfway Cafe and Iguana Cantina. Both are very similar, hand-cut, crispy and delicious.

                                                1. The fries at Porter's near the Garden are excellent; fresh, thinish, crispy on the outside, potato-y inside, and perfectly salted.

                                                  I also love the fries at Costello's.

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                                                    I used to enjoy the fries at Porter's...we were there for a late lunch in early Jan and found the fries to be pretty awful. I was so disappointed, I asked the bartender if they had changed their fries. He said they were the same ones as always. I doubt it - even the cut was different. Haven't been back since then (although I do like that place a lot).

                                                    1. re: a l i c e

                                                      Yikes That's horrible news. Their fries were always so good.

                                                      I will have to check them out again though. Maybe it was just a one-time abberation. I hope so.

                                                  2. James Gate and Matt Murphy's get my nod.

                                                    1. deep ellum has some delish fries! I was more impressed with the fries than the vegan burger.

                                                      1. I forgot about Christopher's in Cambridge--one of the few places that has excellent burgers AND fries. The fries are small wedges of potatoes with some really nice seasonings, and a decent amount of salt.

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                                                          Gotta say, in my quest for a great burger, I tried Christopher's a couple of weekends ago. It was okay. There was really nothing about it that would make me want to return instead of trying someplace new.


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                                                            it's a nice place for locals and vegetarians. i like the fries hiddenboston describes.

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                                                              I am a local. :) Unless I were within walking distance, I can't imagine why I would go back to Christopher's instead of to O'Sullivan's, and I'm not a giant O'Sullivan's fan (crappy fries, inconsistent cooking temperatures, underseasoned patties).


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                                                                Well the beers at Christopher's are way better. I prefer Christopher's myself, but I don't eat red meat.

                                                        2. Oh, what the heck, let's throw a chain on the pile: I think the shoestrings at Houston's are terrific.

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                                                            Houston's is a standout chain, there's no doubt about it.

                                                          2. Love the fries at Matt Murphy's w/the homemeade ketchup. The sweet potato fries with Taragon-mustard dipping sauce at Johnny's Luncheonette in Newton Center are excellent!

                                                            1. Though there're plenty of places with excellent fries around these parts, my heart always cries out for an order of fries from the original Nathan's at Coney Island. A bit of a schlep, but in my opinion, well worth it.

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                                                                And you can hit up Totonno's afterward for REAL pizza!

                                                              2. Olive's has great fries. Just ask them prepared extra crispy. They come with rosemary, garlic and parmesan cheese folded in. Get extra aoli on the side. They're awesome!!!