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Feb 3, 2007 04:37 PM

Odd Wraparound With Ending Brackets/Parentheses

Edited to say: There WAS some sort of bug in the code for adding a new topic today on the Austin board. The first time I ended a line with a parenthesis or bracket, like this:

Name of Restaurant, 123 Something Street (at East River Street)

. . . the closing parenthesis ended up all by itself on a separate line. Since it’s not happening in this post, I'll make the text below look like it did then:

Name of Restaurant, 123 Something Street (at East River Street

Rest of text here.

This happened repeatedly, even when I changed the parenthesis to a bracket. When I got rid of the parentheses, the same problem simply happened the next time a paragraph ended this way.

In other words, whether text was cut and pasted or typed into the entry box, this glitch occurred—but only the first time that a paragraph ended with a bracket or parenthesis. The second time, the bracket or parenthesis stayed with the text that directly preceded it.

Did you fix this? It seems like a long shot that you did, but what else could it have been?

Edited again: I spoke too soon. It's not fixed. I just saw it happening on this link:

When I look at the page source, the paragraph is explicitly ended (</p>) before the parenthesis, instead of after the parenthesis where the next paragraph starts.

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  1. This is still happening when I click on that link. It sure does look odd.

    1. Yep, I have this problem, too. Strange.


      1. Yes, me too. i tried putting a space in before the closing parentheses and it doesn't help.

        1. It looks like the site is looking for the end of a paragraph so it can format things nicely, but does not recognize that a trailing parenthesis belongs in the same paragraph as what preceeds it.

          At least that's my guess at the reason for the paragraph tag (</p>)

          It does not happen every time, though.