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Feb 3, 2007 04:27 PM

Old Jerusalem (Mission and 26th) the reald deal

As I recently moved to the outer Noe/Glen Park border, I have been exploring the sorrounding neighborhood. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the sign for this restaurant while looking for Mission Pie. Decided to take a peak at the menu and much to my surprise they had items that are not found in the average Middle Eastern place in SF. They had foul made with real dried fava beans and an unusual assortment of house made sweets. Went inside an noticed that almost all tables were full of young Lebanese and Jordanian groups. I figured that was a good sign. I was not too hungry so I ordered some foul, hummus, lebne, and a couple of falafil. The owner immediately brought out a plate of olives, pickled parsnips and cukes, tahini with parseley and garlic, and hot sauce with onions. This was the typical assortment on tables that I found in restaurants in Jerusalem when I studied there for a semester during college. The pita was thick and very fresh and brought out warm. Falafil was light, crisp and well seasoned. The foul was also delicious, but the best things were the hummus (silky, smooth, with lots of tahini) and the hot sauce. I going to go back to try the meats (sashlik, shwerma, etc) soon.

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  1. Thanks !!! Great tip !!!

    Here's a Bay Guardian review. I just got turned onto kunafa at Saffron on Townsend. It seems Old Jerusalem has this dessert too.

    Here's the menupages link

    1. Since I was in the city I stopped at Old Jerusalem for a late lunch today and had the shawarma (also spelled shawerma there) "sandwich". I'll admit that my shawarma exposure is limited and that the one at Aram's in Petaluma is my standard. This one to me was just OK, not at all as interesting as Aram's. And the server seemed to bring me the menu and later the check only when he didn't have anything else to do. I don't think I'll be going back, but then it's not on my "route" anyway.

      1. Born and raised in Israel, I must agree with Amy.

        The Hummus is top notch, the best I had in the US, though I had few that came close. Babaganoush was very solid, and definitely the Turkish Salad (spicy sauce) is noteworthy.