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Feb 3, 2007 04:26 PM

CGY: Koryo potatoes?

Does anyone know how to approximate the potatoes at Koryo? That place is a godsend when your only option is fast food and I want to make the potatoes at home.

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  1. Cube and fry or oven fry a big batch o' potatoes. skins on. Use russets.

    Dressing is a combo of mayo, rice vinegar, soy, minced garlic, and sugar (I used maple syrup when I experimented with this). You'll have to just drip a bit of the ingredients into the mayo until you get the right flavour, but this worked for me, more or less. I stopped at Koryo north hill yesterday and, yeah, completely addictiive!

    1. John, I left you a message on SSP that expresses my appreciation of your food expertise. Thanks so much!

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            aw, cool! i am interested in commie blocks and have done occasional reading at skyscrapercity, but didn't know about this other forum! thanks!

      1. That looks good but I think they actually parboil then deepfry the potatoes not that that's vastly different than what you said. I've watched because I also find them addictive

        1. That is an excellent suggestion Sharonanne- I was mostly trying to figure out the dressing, but yeah, the potatoes aren't just deep fried, they're more.... moist.

          1. Actually, I don't think there's much if any minced garlic in it. Also, I think they add some shredded carrot. Just my opinion. I think it's mostly sugar and mayo from what I've tried.

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              So why do they call them garlic potatoes?

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                LOL @ John... I'm pretty sure the 'garlic potatoes' contain garlic.. not to mention my wife call's me out anytime I eat them because my breath smells so bad... But maybe the combination of sugar and mayo with potatos does that? I think not. Thats the only downside to Koryo is that I'm tasting it the rest of the day. I think John's recipe looks pretty dead on.. I always thought there might me some corn starch just because of the color/texture before they toss the potatoes.