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Regular-Size Hot Dogs

I grew up in the south, with hot dogs you could eat by the twos and threes, a stark contrast to the giant monsters one finds in this city. Now I don't want to get into a big debate over which kind is better. Rather, I'm just writing to see if anyone can recommend a nice regular-size dog. Tommy's? Way too big. Pink's? Forget about it. East side is preferred, but I'm also willing to drive if the dog is good enough.

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  1. Costco for 1.50$ my hubby love them. :)KQ (Personally I don't know)

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      I think that may still be too big for the OP, since at Costco they use the large Hebrew National.
      Try Carney's dogs.


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        Yeah, Costco is definitely not "regular-size"

        And, isn't "regular-size" and Costco sort of like "jumbo shrimp"?

        Anyhow, I digress. I think a good place for regular-size hot dogs is at The Hat (www.thehat.com )

    2. Chroni's on Whittier Blvd. and Keenan in East L.A.
      It's just east of the K-mart shopping mall. Serves a regular sized Hot Dog with some excellent chili. I usually get a chili cheese with everything (mustard, ketchcup and onions) when I go there.

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        I love Chroni's, They're chili cheese fries are great and the wienies pop in your mouth because theyre wrapped so tightly. Its great :)

      2. The Stand in Encino on Ventura Blvd makes a great varity of hot dogs and they are regular size. Very yummy you get your pick of toppings. They also have beer on tap and wine by the glass.

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          Nothing to do with the topic but I love your nom de plume.

        2. jerry's wood fired dogs in santa ana..they also have great sausages and homemade potato chips

          1. Check out that website a couple of LA guys put together. Pretty good reference best used with a grain of salt.


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              The trouble with that site is they don't seem to try all the new places that sprout up. I will admit too many places wither and die soon after. I did read the site pretty religiously to garner some facts though.

            2. The problem I have with the quarter pounder is that they are very messy to eat because there in no room for the condiments.

              The best regular sized hot dogI have found is Carney's. (Actually, the best hot dog for any size!)

              8351 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
              (323) 654-8300

              Studio City
              12601 Ventura Blvd.

              Website: http://www.carneytrain.com/

              Exactly what you want/need!

              1. QT's Chicago Hot dogs are very good and are regular size. You may also want to try the hot dog at Taste Chicago in Burbank. And if you are in Orange County, try Portillo's Hot Dogs in Buena Park. Portillo's is famous in Chicago for it's hot dogs and beef sandwiches. Carney's are ok but not great. And remember, chili dogs are not hot dogs. If the the hot dog is good there is no reaon to add chili. Chili dogs are bad tasting hot dogs with no flavor.

                QT's Chicago Dogs
                4344 Woodman Ave
                Sherman Oaks, 91423

                1. Thanks for all the advice. The Hat is definitely out. I went there yeaterday and it was the same old LA story: giant, messy, mediocre. I realized there's an equivalent with tacos. To my mind you should be able to eat the same ammount of either in one sitting. But most LA hotdogs are the equivalent of burritos. WAY TOO BIG!!!!!!!

                  1. Wiener Factory has an regular sized dog excellent dog. For my money the Wiener Factory slaw and cheese dog is one of the best in L.A.

                    You might also try one of the Woody's franchises outside of many Lowes home improvement stores. You can fix yourself up with a legit Chicago dog there; a nise milky Vienna beef dog (my favorite), emerald relish, celery salt, & sport peppers. Hard to beat, and even harder to pass up.


                    1. The best regular dogmeat in town is at Carneys. It snaps, sqirts. perfect spice... couldn't be better. I have had very bad luck with QTs and Pinks. For more details, see www.hotdogspot.com

                      Steve Doggie-Dogg

                      1. Put me down as another dog lover that thinks that the best dog in LA now (could change next week, who knows) is Carneys. The reason: see Steve's comment above which is right on, and I would add the buns are good too. With or without chili (I love their chili dogs as well) its a darn good wiener. And they have great fries too. Plus, they serve beer which is nice for that late night snack.

                        1. By regular size, do you mean just in terms of, uh, thickness? Or do you like 'em short as well, so that they don't protrude from the bun at all? If the latter, I doubt there's anyplace that sells dogs that small. The ones at Carney's (probably my favorite in town, except when I make 'em myself - Boar's Head or Cantella's, both with natural casings) are longer than your standard grocery store beef frankfurter, but they're not Dodger Dog length, and they sport a standard width diameter.

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                            By "regular-size" I mean a hot dog that fits inside its bun without sticking out too far. If that's not possible I'd settle for not too thick. My town of origin (Roanoke, VA) abounds with hotdog stands. Seriously, you are never more than five minutes away from a great hotdog. And they have small amounts of multiple toppings. It is very common to have mustard, onions, chili, slaw and relish and still not make a mess of yourself. Carney's looks a little too big, but enough people love it that I'm willing to give it a try. If that fails, I'm embarking on a quest of my own.

                          2. Call me crazy, call me foolish but it seems to me that if length is the problem, cut off one end. If you want both ends for their great texture then cut a tad out of the middle.

                            It seems a minor inconvenience for an otherwise great dog especially since you, like many of us, crave a great hot dog.

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                            1. re: Wes

                              Wes, length is but one of many problems. Every hotdog stand in this city seems hellbent on putting a bowl's worth of chili on top, followed by myriad accompaniments. The result is a not only a mess, but also nearly impossible to fit into my large stomach. I'm looking for something smaller in every way (except flavor) and hopefully I won't have to bring scissors to the party for a while yet.

                              1. re: slowcooker

                                I think Carney's will fit the bill for you. Even though the dog is a little longer than the bun, there is PLENTY of room for the condiments. I don't get chili so I can't comment on how full they fill it.

                                As for the taste and texture, you will be happy.

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                                  That's the reason I always ask for chili or any other topping to be on the side. That way you can add whatever you want without any mess. Works every time!

                                  There's also an excellent hot dog place in Sun Valley on Glenoaks called The Hound Dog. Snappy dogs with tasty chili and mustard on the side.

                                  The place has a classic vibe and has been there for years with classic autographed celeb photos on the wall.

                                  Hound Dog Hot Dog Shop
                                  8749 Glenoaks Blvd.
                                  (818) 768-9712

                              2. Not a perfect solution and one that will make me lose any respect I may have ever had on this board but when I need a not-too-big, not-too-sloppy chili dog fix that's convenient I head to Weinerschnitzel. I'm from Chicago and love a Super Dawg more than anything in the world. I've driven a hundred miles for a hot dog and when I retire I fully intend to travel the US recreating "A Hot Dog Show" by Rick Sebak on PBS. But in the mean time Weinerschitzel fits the bill for a convenient, junk food, quick fix alternative to a time-consuming road trip for the perfect dog. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm all for making a day of it but sometimes that just isn't going to happen. Also, don't get the all beef chili dog. It looses something in translation. Somehow the balance is off, just not the perfect proportion of chili, to dog, to bun. Get the regular cheapo chili dog. You can eat a couple of those easy.