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Feb 3, 2007 02:34 PM

Fresh Mozzarella no tomatos, what to do?

I have a big ball of fresh mozzerella but don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you have some decent bread, you can make some crostini, top it with a thin slice of the mozzarella, broil it a bit, and drizzle with really good extra virgin olive oil. If you've got any fresh basil, sprinkle some on top after cooking. You can top a salad with this, sort of like a warm goat cheese salad.

    1. You can also cube it & toss with cooked pasta--good with a little basil as well. (Though you might need some of the pasta water to make sure it doesn't stick together.)

      1. cut it up, sprinkle with a bit of freshly ground pepper, drizzle some EVOO and slurp it up!
        or wrap chunks in thinly sliced salami

        1. If you've got a bell pepper, roast it over a stove burner, peel it, slice it up, slice up some mozzarella, and eat it as antipasto or a sandwich.

          1. It's also great in a panini - it gets all oozy... If you have a jar of charred sweet peppers around, the two go really well together.

            I've also been known to take some fresh mozzarella, sit down with it, and pick at it till it's all gone.

            Great for a long drive, too. Fresh mozzarella and a pint of grape/cherry tomatoes, and I'm set.