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Feb 3, 2007 02:21 PM

Nan Bei He

a friend was telling me this place is good, any thoughts? Where is it btw?

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  1. 135-25A 40th Rd. btw main/prince. It's a branch of king5noodle. good taiwanese breakfast. But, personally, I find their xien doujian to be quite inconsistent at times (compared with king5noodle). it's been coming out a lot more "soupy" than it should be for me. plus, it's not as steamy hot as they serve it at king5noodle (or maybe i should say, it's less consistent with king5noodle...since king5 have off-days as well). since I was a kid, my family raised me to believe that the "first rule" of having quality xien doujiang ought to be that it's served steamy hot, and that it should last the entire meal (which was the case at the top breakfast shacks of taipei). i can't say that's true for most breakfast joints here, unfortunately.

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      hmmm i want doujiang and shaobing youtiao, any other recs?

    2. I posted this in the Northeastern dumpling place thread:

      "On Saturday, I tried a new place in Flushing as well. It's a place called NanBeiHe (maybe on 40th road west of main st.). I wanted to try Nanxiang Xialong Bao, but I couldn't find it. So we went here instead. They have typical Chinese breakfast items. The shaobing youtiao was only okay, nothing too special. However, the taro subing was very good. Nice flavor and good crunchy bottom. The beef filled scallion pancakes were also quite good. They also have sesame da bing, which I would like to try as well. Oh yeah, they also have potstickers that are open, but unfortunately we didn't try those."

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        SPCHang, did you get the info for Nanxiang from here?

        38-12 Prince St., between 38th and 39th Aves., Flushing, Queens 718-321-3838

        I hope Nanxiang is still alive and well..there has been some ups and downs. The last time I was there they had somewhat corrected the problem with the carmelized scallion noodles, by at least attempting to go back to how it was offered in the first place:
        -The noodles come in a bowl, looking pale and plain. The eater has to take the chopsticks and stir it up, at which time the oil, sauce, and dark dark carmelized scallion strips will appear from underneath, and when thoroughly mixed, is a perfect bowl of warm noodle with the scent of the scallion, and just oily enough to slide down smoothly.

        They changed chef (the woman pastry chef stayed the same, luckily) and the first thing wrong was this noodle started to be served all stirred and dark, and way too salty, with no fragrance of scallion.

        Then after I'm sure a lot of complaints, it went back to pale and unassuming, but somehow the proportion of the oil/sauce to the noodles weren't right. It was still too salty, and lacked the roundness that the initial version had. But at least, it's an attempt.

        I don't know if they've since corrected the problem. I hope the Pastry chef is still there, with her perfect soup dumpling skin, and excellent Shao Bing..etc. The vegetarian dumplings there is the least boring I've had any where in a long time...

        I preferred Nanxiang's food over NanBeiHe by a lot. I just hope nothing has changed too much...

        1. re: HLing

          No, I never went to Nanxiang... I really wished I could make it out to Flushing more often. Last trip was all about the food courts, but I will put Nanxiang on the to go list.