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Feb 3, 2007 02:21 PM

Fast-food chains with best coffee?

I'm sure most people have picked up on the Consumer Reports story ranking McDonald's as having the best coffee (better than even stuff brewed by barristas).

Here's one of many wire reports on the CR story.

Anyhow, the story got me thinking.

How do you rank the coffees by the various fast-food joints. Emphasis here is on "food" and should not include places that are primarily coffee shops, e.g. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Coffee Bean, etc.

I generally don't get coffee at fast-food places, so I'm curious to what everyone thinks ...

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  1. I've never, ever, ever bought coffee at a fast food joint, until McDonald's started serving iced coffee. It's better than Dunkin' Donuts, and dare I say addictive. In the summer, I buy it several days a week. Since being converted to their iced coffee, I have occassionally picked up their hot coffee and it is very good. I wasn't surprised when I read the Consumer Reports story!

    1. I like both McDonald's and Burger King coffee in the last few years since they switched to the premium blends. I've never seen iced coffee at McD, I'd like to have that option.

      1. BK is acceptable. My parents always liked McDs but I haven't been in years.

        The worst: Taco Cabana

        1. My husband and I call the McDonald's iced coffee "crack."

          It's really that good.

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            Agreed! (And that from a die-hard Dunkin's girl)

          2. If I have to exclude Dunkin Donuts, then I'd probably give it to McDonald's. Although now that I think about it, aside from McD, BK and perhaps Bruegger's (if they count) I probably have never had coffee from any other fast food places.