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Feb 3, 2007 01:23 PM

Low Tide at DiBruno's Center City

Normally I would not post this, giving the purveyor a little slack, but in this case I feel I must share. I purchased sea scallops at DiBruno's the other day. When I got them home I thought they smelled a little fishy, but because my sinuses had been stuffed up, thought that maybe it was just me. Anyway, cooked them up and my husband and I both agreed that they were well past their prime. Ammonia-like taste and very, very fishy. I took them back to DiBruno's the next day. When I told the guy at the seafood counter why I was returning them he told me "well, you know, sea scallops always have strong smell." Oh, really? That's never been my experience and I cook them all the time. When he took the lid off the container you could smell how bad they were, but he kept insisting that there was nothing wrong. Anyway, he said they would give me back my money (they did), but he kept telling me that "it's the way scallops are supposed to be..."
Now, DiBruno's is supposed to be for the gourmet, so what gourmet wouldn't know fresh from old? Anyway, burned my bean, needless to say, and from now on I'll be getting my seafood at Bob's Seafood in NJ (love them!) or Reading Terminal when I'm on my way home. Sorry, just had to post and vent a little... Have a good weekend, all!

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  1. that is interesting - I just raved to a pal the other day about the scallops I bought @ DiBrunos (it was a splurge - way too expensive otherwise). we made a light panko crust , a quick sear, and had a warm spicy drizzle over them and the salad. I loved them. Sometimes bad seafood happens, but DiBrunos handling of the matter was not right.

    1. The customer service there is apparently as variable at the seafood. It's a shame, since there are some very helpful employees there, but we've been at the tail end of a few blunders there ourselves when they did some special orders for us.

      1. The Seafood section there smells way too fishy, frankly I am shocked that they dont sem to care., Slack is great but if they are going to charge those prices, frankly the stuff should be better.
        Scallops are supposed to have an iodine marine smell.

        1. They do seem to have a bit of a customer (dis)service problem at DiBruno's. For such a high-end place with a NY vibe, you'd think they would be more sensitive to the folks who shop there.

          1. I have gotten amazing salmon there at prices pretty close to RTM. I've also only had good service there (and surprisingly cheery for how busy they are), in several departments. Thank you.