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Feb 3, 2007 01:21 PM

Kitchen shears

I need to buy a new pair of kitchen shears, since my old pair broke.
I've been reading reviews of Henckel's and Wusthof. They are about the same price on Amazon, and both seem to be positively reviewed. I would appreciate any thoughts of either brand, or any other brands that work well (Oxo?). Also, anything specific that I should be looking for (someone suggeted one blade to be serrated. Do you agree?)

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  1. I've been using a pair of Fiskars kitchen scissors (the ones with the orange handle) for aeons. They are indispensable for food, for opening packages, for cutting whatever needs to be cut. Also they come apart for thorough cleaning...I use them just about every day and wouldn't be without them.

    1. I bought a pair at Target a couple years ago. I don't remember what brand or anything, but they were actually the only ones they offered, at least at the time. Might have been their house brand. They're nothing special, but they're fine. They don't have any serrated blades or any bottle openers or any other bells & whistles. But they work just fine for what I use them for.

      (I had a pair years ago that came in a set of those nasty Farberware "neverneedsharpening" knives with those horrible raggedy serrated blades, which my sister had regifted to me after she got two for wedding gifts. I don't remember ever using them before my husband broke them. Thought they'd be a good tool to prune an arborvitae with. They weren't.)

      1. I have a pair of Henckel's that I have been using for about 13 years, I wouldn't be without them. They don't have a serrated edge. I also have a pair of Farberware that do have the serrated edge, and I think they are pretty useless, mostly because the finger holes are too small. As for OXO, I have never tried their shears, but I have lots of their other tools and am well-satisfied with all of them. I think your best bet is to go to a kitchen store and actually hold them and try them (if you can, even just on a piece of paper) to see how they feel in your hand.

        1. I have Henckels and use them so much I can't imagine being without them. I've had them four about eight years now and they're still great. I like how they feel. Mind you I'm left-handed so most "regular" scissors feel a bit off to me but these don't. They just have the right amount of heft and feel really balanced. I agree with jacquelyncoffey - before you buy go to a kitchen store or dept. store with a good kitchenware section and try different pairs then order online if you find a better price.

          1. I have the Wusthof ones- one cool feature (not sure how many other brands have this feature) is that you can take the two halves apart, which makes washing them easier.

            But honestly, I doubt you'll be unhappy if you buy a cheapie pair (or two) somewhere.

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              My cheapies from Target come apart for cleaning.

              To be perfectly truthful, before I got them I occasionally would just use a regular pair of household scissors--but they're awful hard to clean so I didn't do it except for like snipping herbs. Wouldn't have used the household pair to cut up meat like I do the ones that come apart.