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Feb 3, 2007 01:10 PM

hunting buffalo

does anyone know where to get buffalo or bison meat in montreal?
or mammoth?

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  1. Several butchers at Jean Talon Market sell buffalo and/or bison: Prince Noir, Volailles et gibiers du marché and La boucherie du marché for a start. On the Plateau, head to Fernanado on Roy. Not too sure about mammoth, however. Where's the nearest glacier?

    1. Chez Vito has bison, at Fairmount and St. Urbain

      1. I saw bison and venison at Loblaw's today. (I'm not saying you should buy your meat from Loblaw's -- I'm just saying I saw it there...)

        1. They also have bison and some more game meat at Maison du Rôti on Mont-Royal btw Chabot and Bordeaux.

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          1. re: Campofiorin

            Last June, Maison du Rôti was caught selling beef as much pricier bison. While they're probably walking a very straight line these days, that report and dissatisfaction with several other of their products (in particular the duck confit) have pretty much convinced me to avoid the place.


            1. re: carswell

              That was actually in june 2005. I'm by no means defending the place but I've always been pretty satisfied with what I bought there and the level of service. I do admit that their veal can't compete with what I can get at Veau de Charlevoix at JTM though.

              1. re: Campofiorin

                Selling beef as bison was in 2005 but they were caught selling red deer as bison in 2006. "La pratique semble s'être poursuivie cette année. L'équipe de Radio-Canada a commandé des tests d'ADN sur huit morceaux achetés entre février et avril 2006. Cette fois, l'un des échantillons de viande vendue comme du bison était en fait du wapiti. Le propriétaire de la Maison du Rôti a refusé d'accorder une entrevue à l'équipe de Radio-Canada."

          2. I didn't read that far. Thanks for the cue.