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Feb 3, 2007 11:58 AM

Taci's Beyti -- tell me what you know.

I stumbled across a mention of this place on a blog, then looked it up in Chowhound. It's a Turkish restaurant on Coney Island Ave. I'm intritgued, but I have questions and there doesn't seem to be a lot of up to date info on the place on the internet.

Is it still really good?
Does it get packed on the weekends?
It sounds pretty casual, but is it family friendly?
Is it still BYOB?
I can probably find this out through Hopstop, but while I'm asking a litany of questions, anyone know if it's subway accessible?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide. My tummy is rumbling at some of the food descriptions I have read about this place.

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  1. yes
    i think so..

    it's very good. and fun.

    1. the place has great turkish food, way better than SAHARA

      yes its still BYOB

      the closest train will be on east 16th street - B or Q
      it is casual and family friendly but gets packed often

      1. It's very good. The majority of the clientele appears to be Russian. It's a short walk from the Kings Highway B & Q station. In additon to excellent grilled meat dishes, they do nice pides.

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        1. re: Peter Cherches

          The iskender kebab is the thing to get there. Everytime I eat it I get yumminess flashbacks for a few days.

          The shepherd's salad rocks, too.

          I would avoid the lamacun (Turkish pizz, really good elsewhere).

          1. re: JackS

            I strongly 2nd the Iskander kebab. I really need to get back to this place soon.

        2. I dream about this place. The eggplant dip is smoky perfection. Eat the basturma pide and swear off regular pizza forever (I haven't tried the lahmacun so i can't say yea or nay to comment above). The kebabs are great. The cacik is great. The crowd is great and noisy and fun. I haven't been in a bit so i forget what else is good, but most of it is.

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          1. re: HankyT

            Thanks for all the replies. We went last night and quite enjoyed it. We'll definitely return. Highlights included the eggplant spread, the stuffed grape leaves and the bread (not sure what it's called.) The crowd was awesome, mostly Turkish and I think Russian. The family next to us kind of adopted our 5 mo daughter to allow me to eat (I was holding her in my lap) so half the night she was with an old woman in a babushka. Can't find that sort of interaction in just any restaurant. The downside is that we got there around 7:30 and it was packed. We had to stand and wait for about 1/2 hour and it was pretty disorganized. It took at least 20 mins to get any service once we were seated -- the food gets to you relatively quickly once you order, but the once you order part is kind of tricky. We finally got one of the harried waiters to get us some bread so our 3 yo wouldn't melt down while we waiting for food. When we go again, I'll definitely go a little earlier, as the waitress said the crowds aren't as bad a little earlier. Thanks for the help!

          2. For starters, bring your sunglasses because it's one of the most overly-bright, unforgivingly lit restaurants I've ever seen (and trust me, the folks who dine here could use more gentle lighting). In terms of the food, it was remarkably cheap, decent (and definitely better than Sahara), but definitely not worth a special trip. Yes, it's still BYO. When all is said, If you live in Manhattan, I would BYO at the East Village branch of Taksim instead, which is far better in every regard.