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Feb 3, 2007 11:48 AM

Not-to-be-missed Food Festivals?

My husband and I have been planning our year according to which food festivals we consider to be worth travelling for (either by car or plane). Since we're both chowhounds, we're looking for gems that we might have been overlooked or not heard of in our part of the world.

What food festivals do you consider worth travelling for? Please include name, location, general date and website if available.

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  1. Not a direct answer, but Saveur magazine features food festivals in a short column every issue- may be a good resource

    1. Hi librarian, what's your part of the world? Are you looking for festivals in North America? Internationally?

      - Lea

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        We're looking for festivals anywhere. If its in our neck of the woods, we can take a weekend for it. If its not, we're hoping to ask early enough that we might be able to schedule a vacation around it. We're not adverse to hopping on a plane to try something excellent.

      2. Greek Festival at the Orthodox church in Portland, Oregon. It's in the fall, i think October.

        1. I would check out coastal areas for seafood festivals. i grew up in florida and there was a lot around. I also know the Garlic festival in Northern Californis is supposed to be great.

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            Garlic festival located in Gilroy, CA around mid-July.
            One of the best eating festivals, anywhere. (if you like garlic, up to and including garlic ive cream.) Close to San Jose, 2 hours south of San Francisco.

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              Another Northern CA festival with great food in Stockton, CA happens in late April. The best !!

              Mushroom Festival
              Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, Northern CA October 13-14 2007

              All of these are wonderful, but very, very crowded. If you can deal with crowds they're the best!

            2. There's a Cajun/Zydeco food/music festival in Rhode Island towards the end of August - this year it ties into Labor Day.


              And there are a myriad of seafood festivals in New England through Spring/Summer. Not sure if this site will help - have no idea about the reliability and/or up-to-dateness, but it's a start.