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Feb 3, 2007 11:34 AM

Sterling Brunch- Worth It?

My husband and will be in Las Vegas in 2 weeks. I am tempted to try the Sterling Brunch at Bally's, but would like some feedback. What are some of the best items people have had at this brunch? What is the service like? Also, is this a "grownup" experience, or is it typical buffet, full of crying children and parents who let their kids touch all the food ("they're experiencing life, and we don't want to stifle them.") All feedback welcome!

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  1. I went to Sterling Brunch last October - I had been there a few years previously. The service is wonderful - the champagne and OJ pours continuously. It's definitely a grown-up thing - I don't think I saw anyone under teenage in any of the rooms. The big draw seemed to be the lobster, which I was not impressed with. I enjoyed the sushi/sashimi, the filet, the desserts, and the rack of lamb the most. What I was looking forward to from my first visit (but wasn't served) was lobster and asparagus omelettes made to order.

    I didn't leave feeling I had found food nirvana, but I didn't feel like I had been totally ripped off either.

    1. I have always wanted to go to the Sterling Brunch, but I thought the cost was excessive and there were so many other buffets that I had not been to. Last year we went to the Paris, Rio, Bellagio, and Mirage. My favorite is the Rio, but each were a little different and the quality of food was excellent.

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        You really can't compare the Sterling Brunch with other buffets. SB is a very different thing, truly in a class by itself, and way beyond any LV buffet including Bellagio, Wynn, etc. Expensive yes, but equal to and better than most $65 "food encounters" you will have. IMO, worth it at least once no matter what, and after that it depends on you.

      2. Love the Sterling Brunch. ... And I actually think it's a good value, even at $65. ... Considering the free-flowing champagne is Perrier Jouet and the fact that I like a lot of the expensive stuff, like lobster served four or five ways. ... I swear I drink more than a bottle, nursing the experience for an hour and a half or so. ... Caviar isn't my thing, but I usually indulge when I'm there, just from "life is too short" chapter.

        1. I've been there three times. The highlight for me is the lobster, though it's not stellar. All the food is pretty good, but the preparations are a bit boring - very old school while emphasizing the "expensive" part. It's not that good a deal if you don't partake of the champagne. Some of the items are pretty good, but the sushi's boring. I think the Wynn or Bellagio buffets are better value for the money.

          As for atmosphere, it's like you'd want it - no kids and the classiest buffet in town in terms of service and dinnerware by a mile.

          Thomas W.

          1. i've never tried the SB but Rachael Ray says to try the firelight for the best buffet in vegas.


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              Sorry, but Rachel was wrong. Average at best, and in a not good part of town.

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                Rachael may not have been wrong when that show was done several years ago--I believe Firelight was well thought of then by some local ratings, but that was then and the place has since dropped off the radar screen. It shows that old reviews definitely can't be trusted. It works the other way too sometimes--Above in this thread someone pointed out Rio is good, which according to the buzz may be true since they apparently recently redid and upgraded it, but a few years ago it was the pits--I was there--I know.