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Feb 3, 2007 11:34 AM

Places To Dine

I'll be taking my wife for her birthday to Boston for five nights in a few weeks. We are staying at Copley Square and we love to walk (except in sleet, but cold does not bother us). Can anyone suggest two or three nice places for dinner. I would prefer no tie but I do wear jackets (I can wear a tie if the restaurant is worth the effort:-)). We have no preference in foods. It can be American, Italian, Greek, seafood or not. We like a nice ambiance and good food and wine. All advice is appreciated.

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  1. This one's easy :-)

    In that neighborhood, No. 9 Park gets great reviews and is right on Boston Common, a nice place to walk around too. I had a terrific dinner there last year and the wine list is superb. If you want something a bit more casual (and bustling) but still excellent food, I recommend Via Matta, which is across from the Park Plaza hotel. They do quite inventive Italian (not your standard red sauce kind of place). Neither place would require a tie (you can even get away without the jacket).

    A lot of people also recommend Aujourd'hui, which is a very upscale French restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel - I find the place a bit stuffy for my taste but the food is excellent.

    If you want to walk a bit further, head into Beacon Hill and try Lala Rokh, which is a fairly interesting and well-known Persian restaurant that generally gets positive reviews. This is always a good place to go for a stroll if you're visiting Boston from out of town anyway.

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