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Greater Hartford, Party of 8?

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Trying to think outside the box of usual places, we are looking for an interesting restaurant (good food and service) to accommodate our party of 8, not a rowdy group. So, a round table and a quiet enough restaurant would be great so we can talk to and hear each other. We all live in the West Hartford, Simsbury, West Simsbury area, but we're willing to travel for something new and delicious!

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  1. No round tables but we love the food and service at Tuscan Twins in Bloomfield

    1. I think one of the best meals going in Hartford (and I've been looking for 43 years) is the Polish National Home, close to downtown. It's at 60 Charter Oak Avenue. They have some of the best perogi I have ever had and the keibasa is fantastic. On Sunday afternoons, they broadcast music right from the restaurant.
      The other place I like also very authentic, is the First and Last on Wethersfield Ave.

      1. It's not "outside the box"..but Max Downtown in Hartford has a large round table set off in a nook at the back of the restaurant..it looks over the Goodwin Hotel..I've sat there with a party of 8 and it's cozier than being in the middle of the room..

        1. We went to this restaurant Saturday night.
          Elisa On The Avenue in Glastonbury

          They do not have round tables, but there is an area by the fireplace that would seat 8 at a rectangular table. You would not feel rushed, and it is a very homey atmosphere. I had a tilapia special which was very good.

          1. Bin 228 - though full disclosure the last time I went was 2 years ago when I was visiting CT and celebrating my bday. But I have friends who live in the area who have been back since and really love it. I don't think they have round tables, but we were 6 at a rectangle table and that was totally fine so I think 8 will be okay too. The food was really great with a lot of options for sharing plates, and the wine list is fantastic.

            1. There is a real nice German Speciality Restaurant in New Britian Called the "East Side" Its not far from your area, and would be nice for a night out. And I believe they have some round tables. But dont Quote me on that. I found there web site ,
              http://eastsiderestaurant.com/ Take a look , hope it works out for you.