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Feb 3, 2007 10:47 AM

haricot verts

anyone use hari coverts (french string beans, right?) much at home. i saw them on the menu last night but didnt end up getting that dish. intrigued, tho. havent even seen them in the market i dont think...any words of advice?
upon googling i read that they are pretty much the best string bean money can buy...something, btw, that i never thought i'd read regarding green beans...hehe.

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  1. Haricot vert, haricot verts, haricots verts = green beans. That's it. The beans most people mean when they use the term are small French green beans. I've eaten lots of them but personally am not that impressed. I love green beans, but paying more for little ones doesn't strike me as something I care to do.

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      You must not have had good fresh ones. The ones I buy at my farmers' market are worth the premium price: sweet and crisp, they just need a quick (1 minute) blanch, then a shock in cold water. I toss them with a bit of butter over medium heat just before serving, or serve them cold with a Dijon mustard vinaigrette and strips of prosciutto and toasted pine nuts., with some goat cheese crumbled on top. My family looks forward to the arrival of these gems for months.

    2. It's haricots verts. I've prepared them at home a few times. My favorite way is to parboil the beans in salted water. While they're cooking, cut up a few strips of bacon in 1-inch pieces and fry the pieces til crisp. Take the bacon out of the pan and set aside, pour out all but a couple of tablespoons of the bacon fat and saute a minced onion in the fat until it's soft and translucent. Then drain the parcooked beans and put them in the saute pan with the onions and add the bacon bits. Just toss around to mix and heat throughout.

      1. They are wonderful - small and sweet and they never get that mealy texture or the old wood flavor that large beans get. I buy them whenever available.

        1. Direct translation: haricots = beans and vert = green.

          Well - you don't have to snap them, string them, or anything but basically wash them. They are more tender and I think that when fresh, somewhat more flavorful. I like to just saute (pan-fry) them in oo, a little butter and garlic, s&p. I do the same with normal green beans, but I have to cut or snap the stem ends first, then I usually steam them before sauteing them. Are they worth it? They're worth trying, to see the difference for yourself. I buy them over standard green beens during the summer when they're available fresh, locally. But from the grocery store?... usually not worth it. I'd say definitely not worth it if just plain boiling, or putting in soups, etc.

          1. hari coverts: spies who need a shave.

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