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Feb 3, 2007 10:46 AM

Disinfecting Kitchen Spray for Cutting Boards, etc.

Does anyone know what an appropriate ratio of bleach to water makes a good spray for hitting the cutting boards, counters, etc., with after cutting chicken and other germy fare? I am trying to avoid commercially-made antibacterial sprays.

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  1. I'm not sure if this is "right", but what I use is one part bleach to four parts water. On the cutting boards I always rinse with hot water afterwards. The counters, I wipe dry. I have heard that Hydrogen Peroxide is a great anti-bacterial, but I haven't tried that yet. Good Luck! O=:)

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      The standard food service mixture for sanitizing solution is approx 1 cup of chlorine bleach in 1 gallon of warm water. This is sprayed on any horizontal surface and left to air dry. It can also be used as a rinsing solution for knives and other kitchenware, but do not get it on wood handles as it will discolor them.

      It will retain its effectiveness for 1 week if stored in a spray bottle.

    2. I don't especially care to have bleach near my food, so I've always used a spray of white vinegar, which is a terrific anti-bacterial.

      By the way, a good rinse in hot water does the trick for most things - at least, that's my theory, and more than thirty years on in the kitchen, I've never had any kind of problem.

      White vinegar. Check it out.

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        I've heard that about white vinegar too, but wasn't sure how much of the smell remained. Do you rinse/wipe things after you've used it? With the water/bleach combo, I've not had a lingering smell, so I was curious about the vinegar.

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          I keep a spray bottle of white vinegar in the rack above the sink, I spray the cutting board and the counter, and then I rinse them. Never any scent, ever. Just clean.

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            Experiment with varying small amounts of Peppermint Extract added
            to your Vinegar/Water solution for a pleasant & very natural after-cleaning

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              WAY cool idea. Love a toss of peppermint, or orange, or almond extract... just straight vinegar? No water?

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            Hmm I like this idea -- I already buy jugs of vinegar because I use it to clean my vinyl floor in the kitchen. I actually kind of like the smell. . .

            We are recovering vegetarians ( ha ha ) so I am a little meat-phobic.

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              Your hot water advice is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Hot water does NOT rid your surface of dangerous bacteria and pathogens!

            2. Vinegar works fine as an anti-bacterial agent. It's effectiveness is diminished by sugar, temperature and the acidity of the solution however. Here's the science from NIH
              Ordinary household bleach works well too in a very mild solution and kills about everything, probably more reliably. It was used to clean government facilities after Anthrax attacks and scares a few years ago. With reasonable care, it's safe. You can use it to purify drinking water.
              The smell from both rapidly dissapates.
              Plain white vinegar is an astonishingly good cleaning product and has replaced half the bottles that used to take up space under my sink - and at a fraction of the cost. No need for rubber gloves. Better than those expensive so-called bio-degradable eco-friendly products found on the shelves of places like Whole Foods and Williams Sonoma.

              1. If my cutting board really needs a good cleaning I will generally just wash it good with soap and very hot water. If I'm lazy and in a hurry I will sometimes spray it with that Clorox Clean-up Spray. That's what I use on the counter, too, when I'm getting ready to roll out dough.

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                  I am a hot soap and water person too and my cutting boards go into my dishwasher too.

                  Just a word about anti-biotic cleaners. If your home is on a spetic system do not use them. They can mess up the bacteria balance in your tank and you'll be in real trouble.

                2. The white vinegar works really well. I use it on everything from the counters to my stainless steel fridge to the floor. The smell goes away right quick.
                  I think the appropriate ratio of bleach to water is 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. I seem to remember this from cooking school.