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Looking for a great meat market in Cincinnati

Bob Copeland Feb 3, 2007 10:39 AM

Is there a great meat market that carries dry-aged prime beef?

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  1. e
    Erica McDonnell RE: Bob Copeland Feb 3, 2007 01:51 PM

    Sorry, Bob, I'm not sure there is such a thing. Avrils on Court Street gets local fans but if yoy're looking for a New York or Chicago type butcher I haven't found it.

    1. b
      Bob Copeland RE: Bob Copeland Feb 3, 2007 03:27 PM

      Are Jungle Jim's prime meats any good?

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      1. re: Bob Copeland
        JohnE O RE: Bob Copeland Apr 18, 2010 09:56 AM

        Jungle Jim's has an excellent meat dept. including their own aged meats. I don't know of any other butchers that have aged beef.

      2. c
        cmj RE: Bob Copeland Feb 5, 2007 09:03 AM

        I haven't tried Jungle Jim's meats, so I can't say anything about them. There's a great butcher on the east side, Summit Meats. I've never looked for dry-aged, but the stuff I've had is phenomenal. There are also a few butchers at Findley Market worth checking out.

        1. Betty RE: Bob Copeland Feb 5, 2007 09:08 AM

          I bet either Jungle Jim's or the guys just as you go in to Findley Market you know, not all the way into - across from the little Italian place - could get you what you wanted.

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          1. re: Betty
            johnbycz RE: Betty Feb 5, 2007 09:10 AM

            The one at Findley Market might be Eckerlein. I've never bought any beef there but their goetta is the best and their pepper bacon is terrific too.

          2. c
            cmj RE: Bob Copeland Feb 5, 2007 09:10 AM

            Do you mean Eckerlin Meats? Across from Bella Luna?

            1. b
              Bob Copeland RE: Bob Copeland Feb 5, 2007 03:35 PM

              Has anyone tried Bridgetown Finer Meats? I'm curious whether or not it is good - particularly for dry-aged beef.

              1. c
                chunk RE: Bob Copeland Feb 9, 2007 10:08 AM

                The steaks I've had from Bridgetown Finer Meats have been really terrific. Don't know much about the details of what they carry.

                1. j
                  JHHAM RE: Bob Copeland Apr 17, 2010 09:26 AM

                  This topic has been dormant for quite some time, but is worthy of revival, so I'm going to continue it on the new Great Lakes board.

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