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Feb 3, 2007 09:18 AM

Where to find southeast asian ingredients?

I am figuring Sunset park, but I'm wondering if anyone has a specific recommendation. I want to try some recipes from Hot Sour Salty Sweet (this month's cookbook - southeast asian)...some things I am looking for:
lime leaves
Fermented bean paste (dao jiao)
fresh rice noodles, or sheets
Thai fish sauce
as well as other basic things like black vinegar and dried shrimp, which I know I can get probably anywhere in any chinatown.

Feel free to make suggestions for Manhattan as well, as I will post this there too.


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  1. There is a big amaziing Asian and beyond supermarket in Sunset Park. I believe it is on 60th st and 8th ave. It is near an N train stop. Maybe somebody else knows the name. I have always been able to find anything I need there, including Thai basil (not easy to find) I believe I have seen keffir lime leaves there as well. Before shopping you can eat at the Dim Sum place across the street, with the big lions guarding the entrance.

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      i believe you're thinking of hong kong supermarket. there's also a branch in manhattan, way down on allen st below canal. another good option is dynasty, on elizabeth street.

    2. Yay, thanks to both of you, sounds like just what I need.

      1. Any suggestions for where to find Thai-style tea (dried leaves, not the drink) in or around Jackson Heights/Elmhurst/western Flushing?

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          Pacific Supermarket in Jackson Heights had it a few months ago. One pound for $2. It's a red, white and gold bag that says "PLEASE DRINK THAI TEA NUMBER ONE BRAND". I make it a bit stronger than the bag suggests.

          Otherwise, there are 2 Thai grocers on 39th Ave near 62rd St in Woodside. One is Thailand Center Point and the other is across the street from Sripraphai (Bangkok....something). Although I've never looked for it there, I presume that they would have it.

          In reply to the OP, Thailand Center also has lime leaves, galangal, etc.

          1. re: Joe MacBu

            Thanks for the info. I walk by Pacific every day. I'll be sure to look for the tea next time I go in.

            1. re: racer x

              I stopped by Pacific last weekend. They've got 2 brands of Thai tea now, different from the one I described. They in aisle 4, at the end close to the refrigeration.

        2. as others have mentioned I think Hong Kong supermarket is the best place to look in sunset park. They have lots of SE Asian grocery ingredients (fish sauce, chili sauces etc) toward the back in one of the middle aisles, as well as along the ends of the aisles in the back of the store. Frozen SE asian items (including galangal, rhizome, lime leaves) are in a horizontal freezer case in the rear left corner of the store (near the beansprouts) also in the same corner against the back wall are SE asian herbs, like thai basil. Dry shrimp and similar are in the front of the store near the meat counter.

          For rice noodles, the fresh tofu store at about 50th St, west side red awning has them along with their wonderful fresh tofu. I eat this stuff for lunch all week long.

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          1. re: jen kalb

            thank you for mentioning the fresh tofu shop. i couldn't remember the cross street. it's on the corner, i think. everything is so fresh and cheap. really great soy milk.

            1. re: wleatherette

              Even though I drive there every week, I always forget the cross street. Its just off the corner - which has a small buddhist temple. Kattycorner to the temple and tofu place is a little produce shop called Ho Ho. that and the red awning are the best landmarks for me. 4 squares of fresh sweet pillowy bean curd for $1.They have the warm custard tofu too, but thats not my thing.

          2. Thanks so much everyone! I will check out Hong Kong supermarket and also the fresh tofu place.