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Feb 3, 2007 08:04 AM

clad cookware

After purchasing several le creuset pieces and loving them I now feel the need for non stick pans and have been looking at all clad (VERY EXPENSIVE). Anyway I came across henkels version sold at cutlery and more and Target. Does anyone have experience with this? It is way cheeper. Or should I bite the bullet and go for all clad?

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  1. Don't wate your money on all clad non stick. All non stick wares out no matter what pan you purchase. Go to a rest supply house in your area and buy a non stick pan from them 1/2 the price of all clad and it will last the same.

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    1. re: FAL

      ...however All Clad has a lifetime if (when) your pans lose their nonstick abilities...All Clad Will replace them free.....

      I prefer my Swiss Diamond non stick however...

    2. Sam's has a heavier grade fry pans that are non-stick. They have four sizes. My oldest has lasted me 5 years and I'm ready to replace it(it is the most used of all). But for under $20 it has served me well.

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          What is the Henckels made of i.e., is it 3-ply (2 layers of stainless sandwiched around a layer of aluminum)? Is it 3-ply only on the bottom or bottom and sides?

          I'm really happy with my Cuisinox (Elite line) pots and pans.

          1. re: FlavoursGal

            Not sure, I'll have to find out.

      1. We bought a set of Farberware's (non-stick) Millenium cookware 6 yrs. ago, and have been very happy with it. I just don't see a difference between what I have, and say All Clad, that would justify spending $300 more for a POT!
        I picked up an 8" omelet pan by Kitchen Aid a few weeks ago at Marshall's for $12.99. It's great.
        I guess I am a reverse snob.

        1. Check out Swiss Diamond non-stick cookware. A little less expensive than AC but a lot better quality. Do a search for threads here on Swiss Diamond.

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          1. re: bbqme

            got a 10 inch frying pan as a gift and I love it.

            1. re: Monica

              I have a 12" that I bought knowing nothing about Swiss Diamond - just needed a large frying pan and that was the only one available - and I love it. Pricey, but durable.

          2. wandak's original post requested info on non-stick pans, which seems to have been a typing error. This was corrected in a post on Feb. 3rd.

            Am I correct, wandak, that you are looking for conventional, NOT non-stick cookware?

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            1. re: FlavoursGal

              yes, and thank you..Still looking, so any advice is still welcomed.