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Feb 3, 2007 08:03 AM

Aussie Foods

Do you guys know of ANY Australian Cuisine around? I mean... around as in... within a three hour driving radius. There used to be a bakery on the Northwest side of loop 820 (weatherford?), called 'Aussie Bakery' (creative huh? haha) but I drove all the way out there and it was closed.
There is one in San Antonio (I think its a shop) that I'll visit next time I'm there, but thats too far.

I'm drawing blanks here, i've searched online and asked around... do you guys know something I dont?
I'm looking for a resturaunt, bakery.... shop... something!


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  1. Lonesome Dove in Fort Worth serves kangaroo steak and other game meats.

    Other than that, you might be stuck with Outback Steakhouse...

    1. is this in your three hour radius? It is on the drag in Austin.

        1. I'm not sure how much Australian fare makes it to the menu these days, but Tucker ( restaurant on Ross Ave near downtown is owned by an Aussie, Andrew Ormsby, and I know when it first opened kangaroo pot pie made a frequent appearance.

          Also, there's Down Under Pub & Grub in Frisco ( if you like your shrimp on the barbie with a sports-bar atmosphere.

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            Oh man!!! thanks! I completely missed these. thanks a lot!

            Tucker looks GREAT, but Down Under Pub seems closer to my price range, if i just get the meat pie!

          2. The Aussie shop in San Antonio ships... I know they'll ship their meat pies and some of their other foods if you want to heat them up at home. Just a thought :) I'm headed there myself in a few days to pick up some things for our kids Sunday School. They're doing this "trading places" thing where they go, virtually, to other countries. I'm the "snack maker". This week it's Brazil...

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              Ah, the countries thing is very cool! I remember doing something like that in hebrew school, but i was so dissapointed because i couldnt bring anything from my spam-based (hawaiian) side of the family. It's not kosher!!! hahaa.

              I have heard all about that shop, but i think that part of my excitement would be going into the store. actually, i even had a dream about that place. i'll make a trip to San Antonio sooner or later. I miss the food :).