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Feb 3, 2007 08:02 AM

fresh homemade pasta

I am from RI and have a liking for Venda Ravioli, but here in Southern Nh is there any place other that Angela's pasta and cheese shop that is comparable? Wasn't too impressed when comparing to Venda...Help?

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  1. Terra Cotta Pasta in Kittery, ME and Dover, NH

    1. I shop at Venda ravioli! It is a wonderful place isn't it? There used to be 1 Italian market in Keene but I don't remember the name .

      1. Depending where in Southern NH you're looking, On the Vine market in Exeter has a full range of Terra Cotta Pasta well as quite a few other distractions!

        1. I've been to terra cotta pasta...still doesn't compare with venda! i get back to RI about once a month to visit relatives and usually stock up on the regular staples in life. Lobster ravioli, good italian bread, Junk yard dogs(spikes), coffee syrup, etc... will have to keep up going to venda for now.

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            Heh, was going to post this before, but didn't want to be a buzzkill (but now that you've said it...). I've got nothin'. I go to Venda (mostly for prepared foods and deli/cheese/pasta) and have them cater things and love them to pieces. There is no substitute! Hey, they ship now, don't they? Check their website.