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Feb 3, 2007 08:01 AM

Vegetarian sushi Palo Alto/Menlo Park

There are lots of posts about sushi in the area, but my husband doesn't do fish or seafood, but likes vegetarian sushi rolls. Very japanese flavors are fine - he is adventurous, as long as it was never swimming or crawling in the water.

So, where are the best places for vegetarian sushi? Best deals?

My son loves crab, but can only have real crab (allergy to wheat). Naomi Sushi for instance uses the imitation crab, so anyplace that serves real crab woule be great too.

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  1. Homma's Brown Rice Sushi in Palo Alto may be the kind of place you're looking for. I've never been, but have heard good reports. Here is some info:

    1. Homma's is the best. I used to work at Stanford & was a regular. Pick it up and go on a picnic. (The resto is very plain inside with plastic chairs.) Don't let the plain appearance fool you. the veggies are very fresh and the brown rice is tender. My husband enjoys it too. He is a vegetarian. I had the fish there a few times in rolls and it was very fresh! I was surpised to find delicious meals in a little place tucked inside of an alley. I observed that the chef cares about his job and does it well. Thank you, Homma! I hope a brown rice sushi place like this opens in the Berkeley area some day. :)

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        Homma's is kind of a wacky place, as it's nearly outdoors and has cheap plastic furniture that buckles under a large weight. Service can be slow, as regulars phone in orders to go, and sometimes you're waiting an eternity for Homma to get around to you. That being said, the veggies are _very tasty_ and the whole brown rice thing works. It is a better place to get a to go order.

        Just about every place has some kind of futomaki or kappamaki on the menu, and being a meatitarian who dines occasionally with my veggie sister, I can't find much difference between good veggie maki and average veggie maki.

        A await a diligent chowhound to explain the fine points of veggie maki ---

        As for a rec, Fuki has a very wide menu and good fish. I ate there recently with my sister and she was very happy - lots of salads, too, like wakame and oitashi and the tofu skin thingys ... have you tried them and found them lacking?

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          Nice to have this thread resurrected. I don't know that I know the fine points. As a kid I was allergic to seafood and fish, or so we thought, so I never ate at Japanese restaurants because fish is ubiquitous. Then, I was tested and found out that I wasn't allergic, or had outgrown it - we will never know. So now it is a new world for me. My husband retains his psychological allergy which is why we usually get the veggie sushi.

          However, i can say that Whole Foods' rice isn't nearly as good as Fuki or Naomi, so there are some differences even in veggie sushi.

          I haven't tried Homma's yet because my kids are usually starving by the time we head someplace. We do Fuki's often, but it is expensive. We literally have to hold our 6 year old back because he shoves his face so full and so fast with sushi! It adds up. I do like the salads though.