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Feb 3, 2007 08:00 AM

best fish and chips southern NH

we are looking for the best fish and chips takeout or dinein in the southern Nh area. any suggestions?

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  1. Don't know if Milford NH is on your radar, but the Milford Fish Market has moved into new expanded quarters, and is offering fish dinners for take-out or eat-in. Everything is impeccably fresh, and they seem to be doing a rip-roaring business. It's on Elm Street in Milford, going toward Wilton.

    1. Weathervane in Nashua does a decent job. I know it is a chain, but hey that's what we've got.

      upscale you can go to Surf.

      Also, try Lobster Boat in Merrimack.

      Some one mentioned Pub 99 as being pretty good too.

      1. I haven't tried it myself, but I was with someone who liked fish and chips at The Peddler's Daughter Pub on Main St in Nashua. It's served in newspaper, if I remember correctly. I like both the Guiness Stew and Corned Beef myself. They make their own ketchup to go with the steak fries. See

        1. thanks everyone! will give peddler's daughter a try...i also recently went to the amherst nh farmer's marker on a thursday to get fish from the fish monger. excellent quaility! but VERY expensive. One pound of swordfish and two pounds of scallops came up to $47 dollars....OMG very good quality but not on a regular basis. The lady that runs the place is soooo nice and really helpful.

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            It's expensive but so fresh--it has absolutely no fishy smell--as close to the wharf as you'll find in NH.