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Feb 3, 2007 07:43 AM

the NYC Dim Sum experience. Help me choose! :)

I'm taking my best friend to her first Dim Sum experience in NY, but I haven't been myself since high school. What's your vote for best place to go?

If' I'm gonna be picky - I'd love to not spend $$$$ and I don't eat meat (love seafood though).

We'll be getting in on Sunday at 1pm and heading downtown.


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    1. Most people like the spectacle of the carts flying around but since you guys are getting in so late, I might recommend looking for places that do "dim sum to order" because the carts-only places will have only scraps by the time you get there.

      1. Jing Fong, 20 Elizabeth Street (just below Canal). The place is a huge, gaudy Dim Sum palace, but they move people in and out very efficiently -- don't be afraid if it's crowded -- and the food on the carts is delicious and cheap. Highly recommended.

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          For a total experience for someone who has never had dim sum, both culinary and atmosphere, I'd say Jing Fong hands down. For food alone I'd probably go with Golden Bridge.

        2. When I have been in NYC I like the Golden Unicorn. It has several floors and you have to take an elevator. They specialize in dim sum seafood dishes. It is usually very crowded so I would get there early.

          Also, I have a special hole in the wall that I LOVE going to that serves dim sum, but not a big selection and roasted meat (roast pork, ducks, roast pig, soy sauce chicken) . Char sui bao, dumplings, different soup. IMy favorite thing to get is the chinese roast pork, roast duck and roast pig served over white rice and they pour broth over it. Delicious and inexpensive. It is not a big place and you might have to sit with strangers. I don't know the name of it but it is located I believe almost on the corner of Walker S and Center St.and before Baxter St. There are usually chickens and ducks and roast pork in the window and on one corner across the street is a bakery and two doors down is a fish market. I know this is very vague since most of Chinatown is like this ,but it is very close to Canal Street and it sits across the street from a triangular piece of street corner where Canal turns.

          If you know where it is please let me know the name. When I am in NYC I try to go there several times because the food is great and cheap. One time I bought 2 dozen char siu bao and a 1/2 dz sesame balls to send to my boyfriend in Ohio. The food cost me about $9, but the overnight shipping cost about $37. It was worth it, my boyfriend had a happy tummy.

          1. Oriental Garden is the best and their highpoint is seafood. Enjoy.