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Feb 3, 2007 07:06 AM

Road Chow from Chicago to Champaign?

Hi --- Wondering if anyone can recommend any decent places for food on the way from Chicago to Champaign and then Champaign to Lafayette? Pretty much open to any type of food but would like chow that's "local" to the area? Thanks!

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  1. Are you aware that Chicago to Champaign is only a two-hour drive, and Champaign to Lafayette is even less?

    1. Champaign has lots of good places, depends on budget and likes. If you do a search, you will find a fair amount of Champaign commentary.

      My faves:

      Cafe Luna (tapas place on campus, 4th and Green)
      Bread Co. (on campus, near Krannert Center)
      Bacaro (contemporary Italian in downtown Champaign, more expensive)
      English Hedgerow (bistro in a floral shop, Lincoln and University). It is not English food, but rather American bistro in orientation.

      There is a new Latin fusion place, Escobar's, that is about to open or has opened in the beginnings of a loft district north of downtown. It is from the folks at Milo's, a good pretty traditional rest. in Urbana.

      Otherwise, Pape Del's pizza (thin and stuffed) on campus is legendary. There are several good Mexican places, esp. Dos Reales on Prospect and the Fiesta on First St.

      Excellent burgers can be had at Farren's (dwtn Champaign), Esquire (dwtn Champaign), Farren's (dwtn Champaign), and Murphy's (Campustown).
      Great bbq at Hickory River, Cunningham Ave., Urbana

      Hope this helps! There are quite a few good places here.