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Andover Ma area, sunday evening

We are looking to take the boss out to dinner in the Andover Ma area.
Doesn't have to be right in Andover, but somewhere within a 20 min drive or so. We really need to impress and are looking for steakhouses, italian, or anything else really good! Been to Burtons a few months ago, will go again but looking for someplace comparable. Please help it's tomorrow night!

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  1. What about Glory? I was there a while ago, but I continue to hear good things.

    1. Haven't been in a year or so, but the Andover Inn would impress my boss.

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        I was at the Andover Inn about two weeks ago and was incredibly disappointed. The room was nice but it ended there. There was an amuse of foie gras and eggplant, it was about as good as it sounds (that is, there is no earthly reason for that combination), and the meal just went downhill from there. French onion soup was watery, steak was not tasty, sides were bleagh, service was okay. I'd sooner go to the 99 or Picadilly Pub.

        If you really step on it you can be in Boston in 20 minutes from Andover.

      2. Gavens in Middleton may fit the bill.

        1. Vincenzo's on Main St is upscale Italian in an attractive room.

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            I hear it's for sale so make sure before you go that there isn't something new there.

          2. Thanks for the tip on The Andover Inn, it used to be really good.
            Too bad.

            1. My first thought was Glory as well. Unfortunately, its sister restaurant, Evenfall, is closed on Sunday.


              1. Bummer on the Andover Inn. It was a perfect I-Need-to-Impress destination. I've had bruch, dinner, the Sunday Ristafel (sp?). My spouse and I used to take our small group of employees there for a Christmas Brunch years back, and then buy their chocolate chip cookies boxed and tied for the employee's children. They used to say it was better than money as they would never have treated themselves to a place like Andover Inn. I heard that the man who ran it for years has now left.... I guess that could be the reason for the lousy dining. Too bad, it was always the epitome of ol' New England Yankee elegance.

                1. In the Ward Hill part of Bradford/Haverhill is Joseph's Trattoria. It's maybe a 15 min. drive from Andover. Prices are on scale with Burton's which I like, but I like the menu at Joseph's better.

                  1. i will also suggest Keon's 105 bistro on washington street in downtown haverhill. very good food with a funky vibe. the place is kinda small and cozy, if you go, def book a booth. btw, the bartending is spot on too.

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                      Yes I agree....Keon's 105 Bistro is an excellent choice also, and worth the drive to downtown Haverhill.