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Feb 3, 2007 06:38 AM

Eccolo or 900 Grayson for brunch?

Been wanting to try both places and can't decide between the two. Which would you pick?

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  1. Grayson hands down. Their food is surprisingly interesting and delicious. Corned beef hash is amazing. I think it has fuji apple in it but it totally works! Hamburger is good too. Good bacon, etc. I wasn't impressed with Eccolo the two times I have been. You will have fun at Grayson, its less stiff than Eccolo.

    1. at the moment i'm everying 900 grayson. you can't go wrong with that place, or i know i haven't been disappointed. i echo mmerino's comments, it's good food, done extremely well.

      1. Unless it's for Sunday, in which case 900 Grayson is closed!

        1. Tough call. I've been to both for brunch too many times to count. They're great for different reasons.

          900 Grayson does comfort food right. Much of the menu is stuff you would find at a diner at Anytown USA, but with high quality, organic ingredients and spot-on execution. At Grayson you'll have the best plate of scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, and sausages that you've ever had in your life. The fried chicken and waffles are out of this world. The staff is really friendly, they have good beer on tap, the atmosphere is hip and lively, and the prices are reasonable.

          Eccolo is a bit more sophisticated, a bit more 4th st. Dish for dish, I think the food at Eccolo is a touch better than the food at Grayson, though that's largely due to Eccolo's superior ingredient sourcing, which is reflected in their higher prices. Reviews on Eccolo have been mixed, though I believe most of the negativity comes from experiences at dinner (which is entirely overpriced relative to other high end dining spots in town). Eccolo has an eggs benedict that will blow your mind, and a cheddar guac burger that is the best burger I have yet to taste. The service at Eccolo is fine, though less charming than Grayson. Eccolo has a full bar, but no beer on tap. You'll spend about 30% more per person at Eccolo.

          I really can't put one over the other. I crave both constantly. Go to both.

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            I haven't tried the brunch at Eccolo. The four or five dinners I've had there were good, only problem was that I could get slightly better food at Oliveto for the same money, or at Dopo or Pizzaiolo for less.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              That's why I haven't been to dinner at Eccolo. But the brunch at Eccolo is so different than lunch at Oliveto, Dopo, and Cafe at Chez Panisse, that the comparison doesn't stand.

              1. re: Morton the Mousse

                I went to Eccolo for brunch just last week and while the service was underwhelming the food was great. I had the eggs benedict which were as previously stated, and the person I was dining with had the Omlette with crab and it was unbelievable. Also as I've mentioned before the bloody mary's are are hands down the best I've had.
                I agree on the price to food ratio not being on par for dinner.

          2. Depends on how much you want to spend -- Eccolo is a lot more expensive than Grayson, and the setting is also more formal. If it's a special occasion brunch, I'd go to Eccolo. I like the food at Grayson much better, though their staff isn't the friendliest. Grayson would win for me on the strength of their hash browns alone.

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              Thanks for all the comments. Although I didn't see most of them in time, I am still happy with my choice -- Eccolo. The service was a bit slow, but the food was very good. I really wanted to try their hamburgers, so I got that with cheddar cheese and bacon, with an order of french fries. I thought that the burger was good, but was not blown away. I usually like thicker cut french fries, but I found their fries, which are much thinner, to be excellent. My husband got the crab omelet. As mentioned before, this was unbelievably good. I kept taking bites of his. We NEVER get to go out for brunch (we have young children and don't find it all that relaxing to go to brunch with them) so I'm glad we did Eccolo since it seems to be more of a special occasion place. Will get to 900 Grayson soon though . . . Thanks again!