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Feb 3, 2007 06:30 AM

Longevity of dried pasta

Was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets today and came across some lasagna noodles from circa 1992. Are they still edible? If not , what's the longevity of dried pasta?

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  1. As long as there are no grain weevils in it, you are good to go. Dried pasta has a long shelf life and it is best consumed within two years, usually. In this instance, the pasta you have is circa fifteen years old. If no bugs are crawling around in it, it's still good! Once it's cooked, the texture will be exactly the same as if it were purchased yesterday. Here's the deal though - that pasta will take 20 minutes (or more) to cook. Your pasta has continued to dry all these years and it will take longer to become rehydrated (cooked) to the consistency you like.

    Consider it "aged". ... Enjoy. : )

    1. I once ate dried pasta that was probably about six years old (might have been older). I figured it would be fine, since it looked fine (intact box, no bugs, regular color). We didn't get sick, but it tasted terrible. Musty and stale and just really... ...elderly tasting. I remember it cooked up normally, since we had no idea how ancient it was until we ate it.

      So no harm in trying, I don't think, I just wouldn't recommend making a really labor-intensive lasagna with it, in case it's not tasty.

      1. Depends on the ingredients used to make the pasta. How refined the flour was. Is there egg in it? Was any olive oil used to make it? Those ingredients can go rancid.
        Cook it up and taste it. I've found some old, old Italian stuff that was fine, some other stuff that reeked before I even cooked it and I just pitched it.
        Have a Plan B for dinner just in case,