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kiwi le creuset

For those of you that purchase the kiwi color is it a solid color or does it start with a darker color at the bottom and shade to a lighter color? I purchased several pieces at Marshalls and assumed it was kiwi, (it's solid in color) then ordered a piece on line and it shades different colors of green.

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  1. Hi Wandak. My first quality pieces have gradients of green. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi wandak....

      Altho' I don't have the kiwi color, I do have the red (tomato) color, and my neighbor the yellow. Mine, which I bought at a kitchen store, is darker at the bottom then lightens near the middle. Neighbor's yellow is also gradient. I think all the colors "fade" from darker shades at the bottom to a lighter shade on top.

      1. I guess that's why I got such a good deal at Marshalls. But I am disappointed that it doesn't match.

        1. I wish Le Creuset would stop messing with their colors!
          Now they have discontinued white! What in the world is wrong with plain white? They make Dune!!! Why?
          I love my plain old blue. Classic solid blue. Now they're discontinuing some pieces in blue.
          These things last for a lifetime. What's with trendy?

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            I know it's very frustrating, especially since I cut out and put glass in my Oak cabinet doors to display my le creuset and the colors are off. Not that anyone else would notice... but I do.

          2. Hi Wandak,

            oooh! I may have a solution for you! If you buy a little bottle of clear "Gallery Glass" at a craft store ($2-$3), you can "squiggle" it on the inside of the glass in your cabinets to make a clear textured glass look. If you hate it, just scrape it off with a razor blade & it will come off in sheets.

            You can apply the stuff with a sponge, your fingers, a paint brush, anything that will make texture. I put it all over our master bedroom window (we're in an apt. and aren't allowed to change anything) and it's just like expensive frosted glass. If you get the "frosted" it is opaque. Clear is clear. You can combine the two to your liking, and practice on a sliding glass door or something.

            Hope this helps. Good luck...I know it's frustrating, but maybe this little tip will help.


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              Thank you so much for the idea. I love it!!! Can't believe I didn't think of it. I have done this to the two windows on each side of my front door. I got tired of it so I took it down. I need to reaply. I hate when people ring the bell and think they can peak through.

            2. Hi Wandak,

              You're so welcome. I've gotten so many great bits of advice on these boards over the years, it's the least I can do to pay it forward.

              Have a great evening!


              1. I have found that the color gradient is not as obvious (or is non-existent) with "shorter" pieces. A skillet has very little gradient while the tagine lid has a very obvious gradient. It could just be that effect in action.

                1. I bought a Kiwi 2 qt round Dutch oven at SLT for a gift this past weekend - gradient coloring. LC's website shows Kiwi as a solid color ???????? Go figure.

                  1. Perhaps the differences in greens are just manufacturing problems. Since porcelain is ground glass, and colored glass is produced in batches (sort of like yarn, or paint) there are going to be variations in color depending on the source, quality, and measuring of the base ingredient colors (blue and yellow). Green is a color I think would be very hard to standardize. If the porcelain is applied to the piece in a fine spray (as is the case with glazed production pottery pieces) then the chances for gradient coloration is high. I'd love to see the pieces that don't even make it to the discounters! Weird (and sometimes wonderful)things can happen when glaze is too thin or too thick.

                    If the color is 'off' enough, I'm sure that's when LC sends them to the discounters. I'd kill for some lime green. Love it.

                    1. Adding another bump to the pickle of Le Creuset pieces in the lime green color. I've seen 3 different versions.

                      Sur La Table sells the "Kiwi" color that is a lime green that fades and has hint of yellow.

                      Williams-Sonoma sells the color "Lemongrass" that is limegreen that fades more to a light green/white. (I read somewhere it's a signature color only made for Williams-Sonoma.)

                      And finally, I've also see the more solid limey/citrusy green Le Creuset in other retail stores. This color variation thing is pretty annoying.

                      I guess when buying Le Creuset for a "collection" best to tryyyy to get them at the same time, sort of like buying fabric from the same bolt.

                      Because of the lime green color issue (yes, it's what I have my eye on too, silly me) I haven't even broken down and purchased my 1st piece yet.....and I REALLY need to make some bread.

                      (Quickly though, for my 1st Le Creuset piece.....what size?......votes for the 5.5 qt round or the 7.25 qt round?) I'm thinking bigger.

                      I'm so easy to read. I just noticed my avatar photo is the exact shade of Le Creuset in Kiwi.

                      1. I've got a "rainbow" collection. It gives me plausible deniability that any slight color variations between pieces was not intentional. :-)

                        1. i bought mine in a le creuset store a few years ago, and it's solid limey green. i heard that they discontinued it. :( Other colors have gradient, so i guess that's the lesson of buying on line. for rilkeanheart, i'd buy a bigger one. i got a 5.5 qt? (kiwi) and all i kept wanting was a bigger one, so then i got another with a broader surface, i love them both.

                          1. i am having the exact same problem. i really like the williams sonoma lemongrass colour due to the beautiful faded green colour (gradient). other stores carry a colour called 'kiwi' telling me it's the same colour as lemongrass, but i'm certain it's different. i believe the kiwi had a very subtle gradient - but the colour overall is more vibrant than lemongrass.

                            the williams sonoma website does not claim that lemongrass is a colour exclusive to them, while they make this claim on other colours.

                            where can i buy lemongrass other than at williams-sonoma?

                            1. I have three pieces in kiwi, yes the colors are gradient, which looks great on the pot but not so great when the lids are on the pots - the lighter color is in the center of the lid, so the darker edges of the lid rest on the lighter edges of the pot. Had I noticed that in the store I may have chosen differently.

                              1. For all you Kiwi LC lovers out there, kiwi is now being discontinued...WS does not have it any longer and I was just as Sur La Table and they also have discounted their kiwi pieces and are no longer going to carry it... if you love it, get it now! (or at the outlets)

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                                  The Palo Alto and San Francisco Sur La Table told me that the kiwi color was being discontinued at SLT because they will be introducing a new color called "Fennel". When I called the Le Creuset outlet in Vacaville, they said they have plenty of kiwi color products and that they had not heard that the color was being discontinued overall. So.... for now, at least, kiwi may still be available at your nearest Le Creuset factory outlet.

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                                    I am wondering if "Fennel" is going to look like Williams Sonoma's new Le Creuset colour "Ocean" that has larger handles?

                                    1. re: Smachnoho

                                      When I called LC to ask, they said it's nothing like Ocean, which I'm thankful for. Ocean makes me seasick. An unpleasant color in LC's new "Drab & Dreary"" color series. I was told that Fennel would be a mid tone brighter green.

                                      1. re: blondelle

                                        That's great that the kiwi will still be within reach. I wonder what the fennel color will be like. Perhaps similar to the jade color offered in Japan? The ocean color at WS is dreadful IMHO!