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Feb 3, 2007 06:12 AM

kiwi le creuset

For those of you that purchase the kiwi color is it a solid color or does it start with a darker color at the bottom and shade to a lighter color? I purchased several pieces at Marshalls and assumed it was kiwi, (it's solid in color) then ordered a piece on line and it shades different colors of green.

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  1. Hi Wandak. My first quality pieces have gradients of green. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi wandak....

      Altho' I don't have the kiwi color, I do have the red (tomato) color, and my neighbor the yellow. Mine, which I bought at a kitchen store, is darker at the bottom then lightens near the middle. Neighbor's yellow is also gradient. I think all the colors "fade" from darker shades at the bottom to a lighter shade on top.

      1. I guess that's why I got such a good deal at Marshalls. But I am disappointed that it doesn't match.

        1. I wish Le Creuset would stop messing with their colors!
          Now they have discontinued white! What in the world is wrong with plain white? They make Dune!!! Why?
          I love my plain old blue. Classic solid blue. Now they're discontinuing some pieces in blue.
          These things last for a lifetime. What's with trendy?

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          1. re: MakingSense

            I know it's very frustrating, especially since I cut out and put glass in my Oak cabinet doors to display my le creuset and the colors are off. Not that anyone else would notice... but I do.

          2. Hi Wandak,

            oooh! I may have a solution for you! If you buy a little bottle of clear "Gallery Glass" at a craft store ($2-$3), you can "squiggle" it on the inside of the glass in your cabinets to make a clear textured glass look. If you hate it, just scrape it off with a razor blade & it will come off in sheets.

            You can apply the stuff with a sponge, your fingers, a paint brush, anything that will make texture. I put it all over our master bedroom window (we're in an apt. and aren't allowed to change anything) and it's just like expensive frosted glass. If you get the "frosted" it is opaque. Clear is clear. You can combine the two to your liking, and practice on a sliding glass door or something.

            Hope this helps. Good luck...I know it's frustrating, but maybe this little tip will help.


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            1. re: shelleykelly

              Thank you so much for the idea. I love it!!! Can't believe I didn't think of it. I have done this to the two windows on each side of my front door. I got tired of it so I took it down. I need to reaply. I hate when people ring the bell and think they can peak through.