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need good indian- on lower east side

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  1. Khusie is a pretty good take-out place, but they aren't always consistant. I've had really great, spicy food from them and i've had really bland stuff as well. Ghandi is much better.

    1. mitali on 6th and 2nd is very, very good.

      1. Banjara on 6th and 1st or Brick Lane on 6th btwn 1st and 2nd.

        1. If vegetarian South Indian is OK for you, go to Madras Cafe. Ask for extra green chilis in your utthapam or masala dosa if you want them spicy.

          1. i think that khushie is the only place that's technically on the lower east side (essex street), and it's take-out/delivery only. it had a good reputation when it opened, but some posts here have said that the quality has declined and the last time i went in i was really turned off by the smell and the shrivelled tandoori meats/kebabs at the counter so didn't order anything. in the east village, my recs would be madras cafe, banjara, or brick lane curry house.

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              The East Village is part of the Lower East Side. Technically and otherwise. It's just another name for that part of the Lower East Side north of Houston St.

            2. I find it useful to distinguish between the East Village & the Lower East Side, although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. I would say that Houston divides them, and the eastern boundary of both is the Bowery.

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                And I'd say the eastern boundary is Broadway. :-) I guess we won't get general agreement on this. So be it.

              2. i've been a fan of khushie since they opened, but the key to remember is that their non-meat items are the thing to get - their baigan bartha has always been especially good. everything is prepared from scratch, which is a big plus, but of late i haven't been crazy about the quality of their goat or chicken. that said, the flavor/quality of all their curries are solid regardless; much fresh tasting than the other indian places downtown.

                the baigan bartha is one of my favorite quick, cheap dishes downtown. the veg dishes alone make this place worth the trip.

                1. Milon on 93 1st ave between 5th & 6th.

                  1. Banjara is by far my favorite in the EVill. I think its the Dum Pakt which is the lamb curry covered in a puff pastry which is my favorite dish.