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Feb 3, 2007 05:17 AM

Blue Duck Tavern

Anyone been to the Blue Duck Tavern lately? Any suggestions on what to get? And finally, do they offer a tasting menu and if so how much is it?

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  1. Don't miss the french fries. They are triple cooked with the last time in duck fat. When I went they did not have a tasting menu but that was months ago when they first opened.

    1. We were just there last weekend, and it was amazing. No tasting menu. We started with three appetizers - the sardines were fantastic, the frog legs very very good and the scallops too. Then I had the cod - something like cooked in a potato/cod broth (??). Sounds weird, but it melted in the mouth, and had a lot more flavor than that preparation would suggest. My husband had the crab cakes and was very happy with them. We also had the fries (a must) and the leeks. We shared the apple pie. This was heavily pushed - we're not big on dessert, but it was really good. The ice cream that they also pushed to go with it was the only "eh" moment of the meal. Let me point out that at no other point in the meal did we feel pushed into anything.

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          We each started with a glass of different whites - I got a chardonnay, husband got a sauv. blanc. We ended up liking the chard. so much that we ended up with a bottle of it, very reasonably price at about $50, I think. I should warn you that I am very unhip in my chardonnay preferences; the one we got was a napa, very-oaky one.

      1. I dined at the Blue Duck for the first time yesterday evening. No tasting menu -- everything is a la carte -- salads, appetizers, entrees and sides. Food is easy to share because it come from the kitchen in serving dishes, not plated.

        The winter menu had a lot that was tempting for a very cold night -- beef casserole with bone marrow, for example. I settled on a rack of pork with a peach and a bourbon sauce -- not as sweet as it sounds. The pork was nicely charred outside but pink and juicy inside. My companion had the "bird of the day" -- a poussin with herbs that she was very pleased with. We second the recommendation for the fries and we also enjoyed the sunchokes, which you don't see too often.

        Desserts were a little disappointing. What was described as a roasted pineapple pecan cake with hazelnut chocolate was not a "cake" at all, but more like a thin crunchy layer topped with a layer of fudgy chocolate, a thin layer of cream and then three pieces of pineapple. I didn't think it came together.

        We were bemused by how ice cream was served at the next table. Several scoops of ice cream came at the bottom of a tall glass container, with a long (18") wooden spoon to fish out the scoops.

        Nice selection of wines by the glass and out waiter had informed suggestions, but didn't push.

        Too expensive to become an everyday spot, but I'll go back.