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Feb 3, 2007 05:05 AM

International Food Festival in Chengdu

Anyone in Chengdu who has not already should check out the international food festival at yi pin tian xia and other locations throughout the city. It's only on for one more day (I wanted to go earlier but was sick). I was there today and the food is pretty good - lots of really good xiaochi at the same price I pay on the street at other places in the city. They do have an English map in one area that helps you with how the booths are organized. There was some pretty authenic looking Indian food there too, though I didn't try any of it. The French food was more interesting looking than good.

There is a food photography exibition that I found really fascinating - definitely different from what I have seen in other food photography competitions recently. Lots of translucency beautifully captured, lots of realism in how cooked animals are styled and rendered, and a couple of really nice shots of people cooking, serving, or eating food. I liked the emphasis on how people interact with food in these latter ones

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