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Feb 3, 2007 04:46 AM

Need recommendations from Japanese Cooking cookbook

After reading many recommendations on this board, I finally purchased Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art. I have looked through it but it's a bit overwhelming and I would love to hear suggestions on which recipes people have had success with.


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  1. My daughter is an accomplished Asian cook and the book you mentioned is her favorite. She has cooked many, many items from it with great success. One dinner she cooked for us was entirely from that book, it was wonderful. Try the baked salmon with potato salad, and any eggplant dish. The soups are all very good.

    1. That is a very authentic book. I can see what you mean by it being overwhelming as it is a wealth of information. Start with something simple, Oyako Donburi maybe. I checked that book out from the library and have been meaning to purchase it. It really is quite good. Methods are detailed, ingredients explained etc. Reading it made me think back to my grandmother and the methods she used. I know the author uses home made dashi. To me, that sounds so intimidating. My grandmother who was an excellent cook (well, for Japanese food anyway) never made her dashi from scratch. She always used power or the bag style. This is what the old women at the church did also when there would be food festivals. I don't know if this is like using a packet mix for Hollandaise sauce or not. I'm just saying that this is an alternative to making your dashi that was acceptable to lots of the ladies I knew. To this day, that's the method I use. Good luck and have fun cooking all that wonderful food!

      1. A new book, very accessible for the U.S. home cook, is coming out next month, Let's Cook Japanese Food! It's no A Simple Art for sure--but it is very straightforward & easy both in technique and availability of ingredients. They have it on Amazon.