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What's Up Dog, SF

Lunch on the run yesterday was a plain ol' hot dog from the What's Up Dog on Bush in SF's Financial District. Even though it was rather late in the lunch hour, the grilled dog served up instantly seemed in fresh and in good form without telltale dessication from holding too long. All beef, it had a snappy casing and nice spicing. The bun was a bit dry, not toasted, but good integrity. When I asked the source, the employee didn't know but volunteered that it was different than the usual bun in use and might become a replacement. I would vote for it.

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  1. Grilled with grill marks?

    Usual toppings?

    Celery salt or poppy seed bun anywhere in the establishment?

    Polish, hot links or italian sausage on the menu?

    Sigh, I do love a good hot dog.

    >Menu here-

    I think I like their selection- will give it a try. I just read on the web somewhere they order from the same distrib as Top Dog

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    1. re: P. Punko

      Not cross-hatched grill marks, but a brown sear stretching the length of each side.

      1. re: P. Punko

        Love of an haute dog is universal.

      2. The menu shows a relatively correct Chicago-style dog (not on steamed poppy seed bun) AND they have slaw for a slaw dog. A friend recommends eating a super spicy hotlink with cole slaw- the hot and cool forming a nice mix.

        1. I have never been too thrilled with them dogs although better than most.

          Still looking for the most flavorful steamed dog and bun.

          1. This is across the street from my office and I'll often opt for WUD for a reliable cheap bite for lunch. (If you are used to eating hot dogs in the East Bay, don't get confused and order a "Top Dog". They don't like that.)

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              Heheh, what I liked about the test bun was not only the texture but the size. A frank can get lost in the sesame seed buns that Top Dog uses, this was the right proportions for a hot dog.

            2. I agree the dog/bun proportion is better than at Top Dog, and I prefer the seedless bun. Maybe next time I'll see if they'll toast the bun on the grill for me.

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                It sounded like this bun as still in "beta", so do speak up about it since you're a regular.

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                  Hey Squeat, good to see you on CH! Did you bring my friend Tana with you?

                  I recently publicly lamented that you weren't on CH in the context of a thread about the best screen names... (just say it aloud, folks).

                  1. re: Gary Soup

                    Hey Gary! Tana's active on that other board (haven't seen you over there much, lately), but I don't think she cares too much for the CH interface. Good to see you, too.

                    Melanie, I will definitely speak to them about the bun next time. I'll report. (Heh. Finally figured out how to use the 'reply' feature.)

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                      Tana doesn't care much for me, either.

                      If I posted as much on the other board as I do here, the total daily post count for the California (+ Nevada and Hawaii) board over there would be at least double what it is.

                2. FYI, I have asked about the source of the sausages and they informed me that they source from the same place that Top Dog in Berkeley does.

                  I used to frequent Top Dog regularly after late nights as a student at Cal, so I knew that lemon chicken dog tasted utterly familiar!

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                  1. re: funmarysf

                    Maybe they use the same local distributor, but it's been my understanding that the various sausages and franks that Top Dog uses are from a variety of producers. I do know that the bockwurst at Top Dog, which is my favorite and usual order, is made by Schwarz Sausage . . . one of the reasons I was so happy to stumble upon the Sausage Factory Outlet on Mission.

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      TD's website confrims this:

                      ".... we continue to seek out the best sausage from the best sausage-makers who, born to a tradition of taste, we believe, tend to serve it better. Calabrese? How ya gonna top S.F.'s award-winning house of Molinari? Buon Gusto! Or that little Portuguese plant in San Leandro that makes but two products, one of which, the linguiça, we are proud to say, stands pork shoulder butt higher than any of its competitors in the Bay Area. Then there's the cooked bratwurst from Saag's — as authentic an old-world European taste as you're likely to find. And from another quality third generation producer, Schwarz of S.F., bockwurst unsurpassed!"


                      1. re: Gary Soup

                        Thanks for tracking that down.

                        I wonder who the San Leandro linguica maker is? TD used to use Santos linguisa, but I don't think that plant is still operating after the late owner gunned down the federal inspectors...


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                            The 2-product description sounds more like the old Santos than Amaral.
                            Maybe TD's site is out of date.

                          2. re: Melanie Wong

                            I'm sorry but I am just search-burned. But I read in the last month somewhere like maybe the Chron or East Bay Express or something ... or maybe I heard it on tv ... the San Leandro place is kaput ... something is replacing it ... or it is being torn down or something.

                            1. re: rworange

                              Amaral or Santos? Both are/were in San Leandro.

                              1. re: Melanie Wong

                                My search skills fail me, though I just gave it a quick shot ... I guess that's in bad taste to say. I'm guessing Santos.

                                I wasn't so interested in Portuguese food back in 2000 when this happened, and when I recently read (heard?) about the sausage factory being torn down I was feeling sorry I never tried them.

                                I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not ...

                                Conditions were horrid at Santos Linguisa Factory

                                Hmmm ... I don't remember seeing Amaral on my Portuguese food crawl. I'll have to keep my eyes open. Maybe I should trot over to Top Dog and see who is making the linguisa these days.

                    2. Does anyone know of any hot dog places in the Bay Area comparable to Pink's down in So. Cal?

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                      1. re: mulanone

                        Most of the places that get mentioned are actually better thank Pink's, imo. Top Dog is still the gold standard for me...there's just nothing like it anywhere else in the California or the country, so far as I can tell.

                        1. re: a_and_w

                          Must try the hot dog places in SF. I don't think the line is nearly as long as Pink's.

                          1. re: mulanone

                            Anyone been to Rosamunde lately? Love their sausage selection but had a mildly negative service experience the last time I went a few months ago. Anyone have a more recent visitation?

                            1. re: Calvinist

                              Just was there today with a friend from out of town (to enjoy the Toronado Pub/Rosamunde dual experience before touring the Haight.)

                              Had no issues with the service, and the Hungarian sausage I got was pretty darn tasty.

                        2. re: mulanone

                          If you're ever cruising Highway 9 in the Santa Cruz Mountains, check out All American Hot Dogs in Ben Lomond. Nothing fancy, just great dogs (I'm partial to the Polish) and shave ice.

                          1. re: michele_CA

                            Thanks for the tip ... hot dogs and shave ice. Here's the address for anyone interested.

                            All American Hot Dogs
                            9050-A Hwy 9
                            Ben Lomond, CA 95005
                            (831) 556-1163

                        3. I'm a Marinite and always found Royal Frank on 4th street in San Rafael to be better than top dog, and then top dog better than the rest of the field. WUD I find ok, but not great. Is there anywhere you can find a serious, German-style bratwurst though? Better yet, kasekringer (ok I'm dreaming now)? Those Germans really put us to shame in this category.

                          1. Adding links:

                            Rosamunde Sausage Grill
                            545 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

                            What's Up Dog
                            28 Trinity Place, San Francisco, CA 94101

                            Rico's Diner
                            400 15th Street, Oakland, CA