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Feb 2, 2007 11:40 PM

Tulane-Gravier eating.

I'm curious for places to try over in the Tulane Gravier neighborhood, as I just got a job over in the area, and I'll be needing a place to get some good food for lunch. I'm interested in all types of food, I'm really curious about what food is over in the neighborhood. I wouldn't mind hearing options that are nearby in Mid-City or Lafitte or Treme.

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  1. Is Lebanon's in that area? It's wonderful!

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      Lebanon's is Uptown, but its very good. Any other suggestions??

    2. I believe CC means Tulane Ave, not tulane U. CC, you may have to go up Canal to the little strip on Carrolton by Angelo Brocato's, there's Doson's Noodle House, Cafe Minh, Juan's Flying Burrito, and Mandina's is supposed to reopen sometime. There's a few others around there.

      I think most of the stuff in that immediate neighborhood has not really come back.

      1. I now realize I was not thinking of the same neighborhood! Thanks for the clarifiation.

        1. Sunray Grill in the American Can Company, Parkway Bakery, and Horinoya are also very convenient to the Medical District. The only restaurant in the area to return is the small Mandarin House, across from Charity.

          1. I work in that neighborhood as well. It's slim pickins. Probably the best place in the immediate area is Two Sisters Kitchen on bienville & roman (I think). It's soul food. Anita's Grill and the other place at Tulane & Galvez are so-so. Anita's is a real greasy spoon kind of place, the breakfast isn't bad. Those are probably the only places in walking distance. Assuming you work at LSU, the cafeteria is actually not bad and pretty cheap. If you don't work there you can still eat at the cafeteria but finding it is like navigating a maze. I miss the Bud's Broiler on Banks (bulldozed) and I'm sad I never got to eat at Eddie Bo's cafe.

            A short drive up Tulane is Minnie's Catfish Corner at Tulane & Cortez. Mona's on Banks St. is about the same distance. someone mentioned Parkway Bakery, highly recommended, as is Liuzza's on Bienville.

            the CBD is a little closer but the parking can be a pain. if I bike to work I can go anywhere in the CBD or french quarter with ease.