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Feb 2, 2007 09:55 PM

Mitchell's Ice Cream

Ex-San Francisco residents, after living in The City for ten years, I miss Mitchell's Ice Cream. Born and raised in LA, but clearly didn't know ice cream until the day I tasted Mitchell's. I've read many of the threads on ice cream, but it doesn't seem like any places here in LA can hold a candle. Is this absolutely true? I'd like to hear from ex-SF hounds who now reside in the LA area. Thanks.

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  1. I moved back to LA after living in the San Jose area for 7 years. I would frequent Mitchell's whenever I was in the city. I do miss two of their flavors that I have yet to find comprable in the LA area -- thai tea and banana (of course not together). I enjoy going to Fosselman's in Alhambra. I like the small shop feel, like Mitchell's. I enjoy their lychee ice cream. Yummy!

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      As much as I like Fosselman's, the ice cream and the decor, it's a regular and perfect stop after indulging in hot chilis and sichuan pepper, I'm sad to say that the ice cream base in not as good as Mitchell's! Fosselman's seems to be a bit icy, as in ice crystals, comparred to Mitchell's which in contrast is somewhat denser and creamier. They both have a lot of standard American flavors and they both have some unusual for the U.S. Asian flavors. I think Mitchell's does have a larger selection of flavors, not really sure. But some of my favorites, Macapuno for example, at Fosselman's are only available in 1/2 gallon containers to take home. They don't scoop them in the store for immediate consumption. I will say that Fosselman's 1/2 gal. containers are a real bargain, they cost much less than the equivalent at Mitchell's! Both ARE worth indulging in though!!!

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        interesting. i find mitchells to be too rich, almost greasy so I actually prefer fosselman's lighter texture. however, i did really like the grasshopper pie flavor at mitchells, that's the best i've had there.

        --you might want to check out scoops which seems up your alley but i can't comment on how good they are since i haven't gotten my butt over there yet.

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          I wish that I preferred Fosselman's, it's about 40 miles from home and Mitchell's is over 400 miles away!

          Scoops has been at the top of my 'To Try' list for the past couple of weeks but I haven't been yet. I wonder what there hours are today?

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            Add me to the list of people who prefer Fosselman's over Mitchell's! I agree that Mitchell's ice cream is so heavy it's almost greasy.

            Unlike most, however, I did not go gaga over the lychee. I was really impressed by the rich intense flavor of my friend's taro root ice cream (which I don't usually like), the espresso coffee that tasted like concentrated Vietnamese drip coffee, and peppermint stick becaues it's one of my all time favorite flavors anywhere.

            1. re: Pei

              also if y'all are down in OC, you might want to check out han's ice cream in costa mesa as well. since you mentioned peppermint stick (one of my faves) the peppermint stick here is rich, pepperminty and chock full of pink candy bits. also, it looks like an old fashioned ice cream shop and it's reasonably priced. in fact i think han's is closer to mitchell's texture than fosselman's, though hans doesn't have anywhere near the amazing range of flavors of mitchells or fosselmans.

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            Scoop's? I did a google search and came up with 712 N Heliotrope Dr. Is this where you're talking about?

            1. re: velozo155

              yeah, should be just off the 101. there are tons of reviews about that place. i can't believe i haven't remembered to go there since it's tops on my list of to go places.

        2. I think Mashti Malone's competes with them. They've got different flavors like rosewater, saffron, orange blossom, etc. and all are really high quality ice cream. Give it a shot.

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            Mashti Malone's is definitely solid. But while my husband swears by their rosewater-infused flavors (like the saffron and orange blossom), I'd just as soon suck on a bar of soap. Clearly, not my thing. But I think they make an incredible pomegranate sorbet and a solid rocky road -- LOTS of marshmallows.

          2. Dr Bob's (they serve it at Zanzabelle in Silver lake) is ok. Mashhti Malones is ok . in terms of flavor Pazzo Gelato is fantastic but it is not ice cream. The seafood grocery store in Eaglerock Mall has Pollyanne and another popular Phillipino brand that are ok also.

            I haven't tried Fosselman's (I guess we're going to Alhambra soon)

            Honestly, some things you can't replicate. Mitchell's was our neighborhood ice cream place. I think it would melt too fast in LA because it is so creamy. Cantaloupe (available only in the summertime ), Ube(baby coconut) and mango were are our favorites. It's always our last stop in the city when we drive up. Wonder if they ship?

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              one can also get fosselman's at a sandwich shop in the culver city shopping center that's located on washington blvd and overland.
              i wish i could remember the name of the shop. . . .

              1. re: mkleeh

                Zanzabelle now serves Fosselmans, they carry Taro and a wonderful new flavor "Chocolate Dipped Strawberry"

              2. Just fyi, ube is taro which is why it's purple. You can find ube, mango and coconut ice cream in Chinese supermarkets, although it's a different brand.

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                1. re: chowchow12345678

                  Just FYI, ube is actually purple yam (Dioscorea alata), and not taro (Colocasia esculenta)...

                2. Thanks folks...I appreciate the responses! This was one of my first posts on this site. I think I'll try Fosselman's, first. Mahsti Malone's, after I google'd it, isn't in the easiest of access areas. I'll save that one for during the week. For the Dr. Bob's, I can pick up a hand pack at Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach.

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                  1. re: velozo155

                    You can find Mashti Malone's in some stores, too. I have seen it in the French Market in Venice, for example. And it's in the Jordan Market on Westwood Blvd. However, I think it is best when it is scooped in the store and drizzled with some of the sour cherry sauce or the lemon juice.

                    1. re: glutton

                      yeah they sell mashti malone's at various persian markets around la and orange county.

                      1. re: choctastic

                        Thanks for the info on the retail stores. Their website shows a newly opened store in Glendale near the Galleria. Even though it's further than the La Brea store, I can knock out my Porto's guava/cheese fix at the same time.

                        1. re: velozo155

                          I have had Mashti Malone's, but since the Lava Lounge is closing I'm not sure how often I'll get it in the future. Mashti's is pretty good but I wasn't that impressed, but I did like the unique flavors. I've had Dr. Bob's, but I also picked up Delicieuse at Surfas at the same time and I think Delicieuse is superior. Just my opinion and I don't consider myself any kind of expert.