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chicken burrito

I've done many searches on this board, may've missed a couple posts...but, I was wondering what recs people have for a chicken burrito in South Bay/South, East, or West Los Angeles. Roasted or stewed in chile, but prefer roasted.

(On a side note, as I'm writing this and watching Man vs. Wild on Discovery, the guy finds a fresh lion kill in the form of a zebra. There are vultures around it that can't fly away, because they're too full. He's cutting the leftover meat off this fresh kill and eating it straight off the skin and bone.)

Anyway, Compton sheriff's deputies frequent a pollos rostizados place somewhere on Rosecrans and Santa Fe or Alameda. I gotta go try it out. Anyone else tried it?

Thanks in advance for the recs.

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  1. So, no chicken burritos?...

    I usually get cabeza, lengua, buche, or tripas, but want a change from the norm(my norm).

    1. It lends a new meaning to "it tastes a bit gamey."

        1. try don felix in west la. they are located on sawtelle and washington place. i go there for their al pastor tacos and their carne asada burritos. haven't tried their chicken burritos but if its anywhere near the quality of their al pastor tacos, i'm sure it'll be delicious.

          1. I'll give it a try. Thanks.

            1. I love the Chicken Burrito at Tacos Via Corona over on Glendale in Atwater Village. Easy to access off the 5 fwy (Glendale exit). Mouthwatering and juicy chicken, beans, and a nice amount of cheese-- no overkill. It's a simple burrito packed with taste. Especially if you use their signature hot sauce!

              1. Thanks...you make that sound really good! I'm gonna try that one.

                1. I like the all chicken burrito at Pancho's Tacos on Lincoln.

                  Pancho's gets very little play on Chowhound. La Playita down the street gets more attention, as does Gilbert's and Lares around the corner on Pico, not to mention the Venice/Mar Vista/Culver City places that get a lot of mentions.

                  But Pancho's is good, too. Good hard shell tacos. Good tortas.

                  But my favorite item there is a chicken burrito, It's all chicken, too, stewed. It's a little drippy, but I like it.

                  1. They do a mean pollo asado burrito at Eduardo's on the west side.

                    1. Well, I tried Don Felix this late afternoon, since it's close by and I didn't have time to hit Tacos Villa Corona. I ordered two burritos, uno de pollo y uno de pastor. I think I may have to try this place during a busier time, like around lunch. The chicken, beans, and rice in my burrito seemed like they were sitting around a while in the kitchen. The pastor was good, but the beans and rice were the same as the chicken burrito. Thus, I was picking the pastor out of the burrito to eat it. Like I mentioned above, I'll have to try this place during a busier time of day. Next week, I'll try kellydeez' rec, then the other recs down the line.

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                        Well I'm not an expert at burritos, but I recently had one at El Gringo in Manhattan Beach at the recommendation of a co-worker and it was pretty good, especially if you want quantity. It was big and fresh, plus their was plenty of chicken meat in the "Asher burrito" (blackened chicken). It struck me as a bit dry, but probably due to having so much meat in relation to the other ingredients; perhaps not a bad thing. So if you're in their neighborhood you might check it out. It's on the west side of Sepulveda Boulevard about 2 blocks south of Manhattan Beach Boulevard. http://www.elgringo.foodnow.tv/menu.html

                      2. Well, I have to recant my suggested burrito location. I had a burrito from Tacs Via Corona this weekened and I don't know what happned to this place. It was very bland and not at all like the last one I'd have there months ago. I don't know if they changed methods or if someone else was cooking, but I would definitely not recommend this place anymore. Especially with the wealth of other Mexican restaurants and stand in LA.

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                          Thanks for the update! Maybe it was just an off day? I'll check out a couple of the other recs above.

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                            I've never gotten the love for Tacos Villa Corona. Nothing I've ever had there has been outstanding (I've probably been 3-4 times in the past two years). I keep giving it another chance since people on Chowhound have recommended it a number of times, but the last time I went I decided it just wasn't worth it and there were better places around. Plus, it can be hot (no AC), crowded, and service is slow, and they charge extra to add things such as cheese to a burrito.

                          2. i was wondering about tacos via corona as well...the last two times i went there the food was horrible...dried out rice, cold cheese, stringy & nasty chicken...what happened!?!?! i used to love their burritos...oh well, the burritos at tere's on melrose are always really delicious.