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What food do you never leave home without?

I usually carry a stash of roasted salted almonds mixed with dried cherries and/or a bar of Lindt 70% dark chocolate.

What do you have in your purse/pocket/book bag?

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  1. Lara Bars, cherry or apple.

    1. Clif Builder bars.....chocolate...

      1. Chai tea and braeburn apples

        1. a 20 oz bottle of Pepsi or Coke.

          1. special salts, such as fleur de sel, diamond kosher balinese or maldon sea

            1. 16 oz. bottle of peach or berry Propel nutrient water

              Sugar-free hard candies (current favorites: root beer and butterscotch, both by Russell Stover). I stash them in a little old four-piece Whitman's Chocolate tin.

              Unless I'm going to be in hot temperatures or know I otherwise won't need them, I often nab a couple string cheese to take along. When I need a protein infusion, I need it NOW and I've not ever found a protein bar I really like!

              Dried fruit, sometimes with almonds, cashews walnuts, and/or pecans.


              1. Werthers butterscotch/caramels, an oatmeal breakfast square, and randomly assorted candies in case of low blood-sugar. Also a large bottle of water (I live in Florida!)
                If I'm going to be out all day on a car-trip, I take extra provisions - individual bags of goldfish crackers/pepperidge farm cookies, jellybeans and occasionally fresh fruit.

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                    Second the Tabasco!!!
                    Three cheers for those tiny bottles that fit in an evening bag!!!!

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                      seriously? now, that's some serious tabasco-lovin'.

                      so you guys just pull the bottle out in the middle of a meal? is that only during solo meals, or at dinner parties, fancy restaurants, etc?

                      do you do the classic tabasco, or the chipotle?

                      1. re: yumyumyogi

                        In South Louisiana, tiny bottle are sold in grocery stores to put in lunch boxes. We all had them as kids. Only the Classic comes that way.
                        Of course it would be terribly rude to pull your own bottle out at someone's home even if they served you badly underseasoned food. But most people have it on the table. All restaurants do.
                        I mostly do the evening bag thing for those "rubber chicken" dinners - charity, political fundraiser sort of things. I carry the 2 oz. if my hand bag is bigger.

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                          Sure. Why not? Usually the kinds of places where I want tabasco is casual enough that it doesn't matter. And I have had people ask me if they could use my tabasco, too. Can't eat eggs without it. Add it to most soups that I eat. Rarely to meat but often to sandwiches. Biscuits and gravy and chicken fried steaks: always. I like the new smoked flavor, too. Not nuts about the garlic (although I am a huge garlic fan) but mostly just love the regular stuff.

                        2. re: MakingSense

                          I'm so there with you on the Tabasco. My big score was finding Tabasco in those plastic 'condiment' packages so that my purse doesn't clink when I walk (and I can ditch the weight of those little bottles when flying.

                        1. I luna bar for me, water and sometimes oatmeal (dry) but I have been known to carry tabasco as well.

                          1. raw carrots and dairy toffees. :)

                            1. A one-portion snack-sized bag of dry roasted edamame and usually one of pretzels (the small kind in the traditional shape).

                              In my car, I always have a variety of protein bars. Some are the 200 calorie kind, some are the 100.

                              My husband always jokes that if I were to end up in a ditch for a week I could survive on the food I have stashed in my car. Right now I also have a box of cookies that I've been meaning to leave on the teacher's lunch table, and some M&M's in the hatchback.

                              1. My credit card. My food moods swing too much to pick just one thing to throw in my purse. I do like the idea of Tabasco.

                                1. My wife keeps Big Boy Seasoning Salt in the car glove box. And extra bottled waters in the car, for the homeless folk standing at the highway entrance/exit ramps, crazed by sunstroke and dehydration... And 'a friend' used to keep M & Ms and a doobie taped to his spare tire in the trunk, so that when he got a flat, he could give himself a treat to offset the bummer of fixing a road-side flat tire...

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                                    Both excellent ideas...the water and the M&M's. My doobie enjoying days are now past...but who wouldn't be cheered up with a suprise bag of M&M's (because you know you'd forget it was there until you went to change the tire)? And I always want to give the homeless folks on offramps something other than money...which has occasionally resulted in my handing over of doggiebags on the way home from a dinner out. A bottle of water would probably be much appreciated though.

                                    All that being said...I keep a bag of TJ's chili-spiced dried mangos in my car, and during the winter I always have a handful of hard candies in my jacket pockets. When I was still in school I kept a bag full of cup 'o noodles and canned fruit in my car for days I was stuck on campus working and out of pizza money.

                                    1. re: silence9

                                      LOL. What a great idea! As a car-less urbanite, though, I wonder what I could do to make myself feel better when the MTA's misbehaving. Stash M&Ms under the benches of my local stops? The rats could be the homeless folk that I share my food with...

                                    2. Altoids, tiny tin of wintergreen or ginger flavor. I keep bottled water and Clif bars in the car.

                                      1. Beef Jerky and Hot Sauce