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Feb 2, 2007 08:05 PM

Genki Ramen - Thumbs Up!

Went over to Genki last night and had a yummy meal for under $25 for two!

It was pretty empty by 12am, but there were two servers (both I recognized from Genki Crepes). They were both really nice and welcoming. The sat us promptly and we were given hot tea and ice water quickly. The decor is contemporary: dark wood tables and chairs with green cushions, flat screen tvs around the perimeter, and cool little cardboard chopstick presenters.

The menu ranges from gyoza, hiyayakko, edamame, housemade char siu and more appetizers. Okonomiyaki, yakisoba, tempura, ramen, and a page full of various robatayaki skewers. NO SUSHI or SASHIMI.

We tried:
- Gyoza - crunchy on the top and soft and delicate on the bottom. Pork filling with mild. Dipping sauce a bit sweeter than normal (i like it more vinegar-y)
- Housemade Char Siu - very VERY different, but yummy. Thin slices of tender and slightly fatty pork with a sweet and salty marinade.
- Wakame Salad - average but yummy. Not too much to say about this dish.
- Mabo Tofu Ramen - YUMMY!!! Lots of mabo tofu and lots of spice. The ramen noodles were al dente and one bowl was enough to share between the two of us. (They will give you small bowls for sharing)

I will definitely be back and I love how they are open late. I want to try some of their robata and their desserts look yummy too. I'm happy because now I don't have to trek all the way to downtown Katana-ya for good ramen.

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  1. I loved the pork that came on my ramen-tender and fatty and full of porcine goodness. I just wish they were open for lunch Mon - Fri...

    1. In which town or city in the Bay Area is this place located???


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        4th Avenue and Geary in San Francisco.

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          Thank you Wendy san....inquiring Chowhound minds NEED to know!!!

        2. Ok, call us crazy, but we went back AGAIN last night! This time there were a few more tables filled around the restaurant. We tried items from the robatayaki... OH MY GOODNESS.. the lamb chop with the mint dipping sauce was cooked perfectly!! $3.25 for a single grilled lamb chop seemed reasonable. Especially for these delicious morsel! We also tried the shitake which was yummy too. They use fresh shitake so they are plump and soak up all of the flavor. The beef and onion was also very tasty. The sliced beef is wrapped around the green onion stalk and has lots of flavor. My least favorite was the salmon which was a good size filet (crispy skin on) which was cooked perfectly, but it still had bones in. We are definitely going to go back to try more of the robata items.

          1. We had a late lunch at Genki Ramen yesterday and liked it a lot. We had the Shrimp Tempura Ramen and the Char Siu Ramen (they spell it differently--I forgot to pick up a paper menu to confirm spellings). The pork in the Char Siu was abundant, sweet, salty, and tender. The shrimp tempura was pretty good, and there were several pieces of tempura yam as well. I would have gotten the Mapo Tofu Ramen, but I wanted to share something mild with my toddler. We had the chicken kara-age side for $2.50, which is a mini portion. I really didn't have room for it anyway.

            I loved the interior design. There was one woman in particular working there who is very warm and welcoming. She told us that perhaps in about 3 weeks, they will be opening for lunch during the week. It's very important to note that ONLY RAMEN and a handful of side dishes are available during lunch. The rest of the menu (okonomiyaki, robatayaki, etc.) is available at DINNER ONLY.


            1. i'm curious about mabo tofu ramen. i love mabo (or mapo) tofu, with the richness of the spicy ground pork or beef matched with soft cubes of tofu. (or at least my preference for tofu is soft. i don't understand "extra firm" tofu) but i'm wondering if the intensity of the dish stands up when paired with the ramen broth? in my mind, it would dilute into the soup without necessarily adding much flavor to it. i went past genki last night, but my friend wasn't interested, but i am and want to go try it out. i figure we're talking about a japanized version of mapo tofu, so probably less assertively spiced? basically i'm just wondering if the mabo tofu loses something when distributed through the soup, or if it adds an extra dimension to the dish. thanks.

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                Did you see the photo of the mabo tofu ramen? It looks like there isn't a copious amount of broth, and the tofu is basically sitting on the noodles above the broth. The broth I had was quite assertive in itself as well, so I imagine no flavor would really be diluted. All conjecture, though, since I didn't order it.