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Feb 2, 2007 07:50 PM

Chinese food

looking for favorite spots for Chinese in Chinatown

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  1. Here's a recent thread from a few days ago with some Chinatown places in there.

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        the chinatown places i personally like best are taiwan cafe, hei la moon (my dim sum fave), wing's kitchen and peach farm. lucky house was good the one time i went, but need to try more. the roast pork for takeout is good at china pearl best cafe, the best banh mi are at mix on beach st, spring rolls at saigon sandwich are good. best bakery i think is the one nearest to the arch, but for an out of chinatown suggestion i think that yi soon bakery in allston blows away any of the chinatown bakeries.

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          Woops, my bad - forgot the cut n paste -- thanks to to passing thru for the link.

      2. Tried Taiwan Cafe last night and LOVED it. We ordered the "mini steam buns" which are really soup-filled dumplings (fantastic!), stir fried green beans (very simple but yummy), scallion pancake (nice and crispy when it came out, got a bit soggy later though), flat rice noodles with pork (I think). We also tried the crab stir-fried with ginger and scallion - unfortunately it was essentially all crab SHELLS with very little meat; the claws were not big enough to break open and get meat out of them either. Strange. The most intruiguing dish was the "bacon cut pork with steamed taro" which came in a delicately spiced red sauce, very interesting textures and flavor.
        The menu has tons of interesting dishes - I am not very familiar with Taiwanese cuisine so it was a nice departure from the usual.

        The place was PACKED on about 7:30pm on Friday but cleared out considerably by the end of the meal - go a bit later if you want to get a table easily.

        ABSOLUTELY get the 'mini steam buns' if you go - they are the highlight.

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          Those "mini steamed buns" are called xiao long bao. Personally, I love the pork ones at Taiwan Cafe, but the buns are really dough-y. Others on CH prefer the ones at Wing's Kitchen or ... another place (something Seafood, but not Jumbo I don't think). I like TC's the best of those.

          Whenever I've ordered lobster with ginger and scallions, the lobster is hacked up and stir fryed like your crab was. I think that's the norm for those types of shellfish in that preparation.

          As far as Taiwan Cafe, I really like their beef and poblano peppers dish (they call them longhorn peppers), the beef with chinese watercress and sa-cha sauce (spelling?), and the oysters in blackbean sauce (dip your scallion pancakes in the sauce for even more deliciousness). I miss TC.

          Finally, try the scallion pancakes at King Fung; they're admittedly better than the ones at TC.