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Feb 2, 2007 07:43 PM

Great Chinese Noodles in PDX

My favorite noodle shop in Portland “went on vacation” in August and never reopened much to my dismay. But in its place opened Green Onions Restaurant over the holidays.
Green Onions is a mom-and-pop restaurant that captures the essence of Hong Kong. It’s nothing fancy, just good Chinese comfort cooking - noodles and rice plates. It’s the kind of place where the locals would go to eat if this were Wanchai, TST or Yau Ma Tei.

So far, I’ve had the Shui Kau with soup noodles and also with lo mein. The lo mein came with a green onion sauce that complemented the noodles in flavor. I’ve also had the roast duck (cut with precision - not whacked) and chicken curry with a hint of coconut. Everything tastes just like Hong Kong - actually, even better because everything is carefully prepared without being too oily or overloaded with MSG.

Finally, real comfort Chinese food in Portland!

Green Onions
8202 SE Flavel St. (at 82nd)
closed Tuesdays


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  1. more details about that Green Onion sauce, please!
    and, what kind of broth with the soup noodles?

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    1. re: Cynsa

      The green onion sauce was a mixture of finely chopped green onions, oil, salt and a hint of some other seasoning. The flavor was not overly strong and brought out the flavor of the lo mein.

      As for the broth... I think it was chicken stock because it was light - almost delicate and clean tasting. It did not have that meaty/oily type of flavor that you commonly get with beef or pork stock.

    2. I recently visited Green Onions and enjoyed it. I've never been to Hong Kong so I can't speak for its authenticity, but it seems much more authentic that the typical American Chinese restaurant.

      I got the Won Ton Noodle soup and thought it was massively tasty. The noodles were the real winners, I'd say - more of a wheaty texture than your typical noodle. The broth was chicken-based, I'd guess, but it didn't stand out in any way. The won tons were excellent. All together, it was comforting and yummy soup.

      I will be going again. Any recommendations on what I should get?


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      1. re: Nate Maas

        Recs - Difficult... I am still in the process of ordering something different each visit. I will say that the soup noodles really hit the spot on a cold, wet Portland day. And the portions of the rice plates will satisfy the hungriest of diners and still have leftovers to take home!

        Check out the pic of the Chinese beef brisket stew and rice. Lots of good food and cheap!