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Feb 2, 2007 07:02 PM

Best Chinese Take-out in Miracle Mile/Fairfax?

Would love recommendations for the best chinese take-out around me...i live near LaBrea and 3rd and have never been in love with my local "Chyn King".
Thanks All!

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  1. I like Wok Master...
    7170 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles 90036
    Btwn N Formosa Ave & N Detroit St

    Phone: 323-934-2999

    They should deliver to you, they deliver to me and I'm farther east and south.

    1. i live in the MM too and i always order from Kung Pao Bistro. they deliver pretty quickly and it's not bad. plenty of vegetarian options too.

      7853 santa monica blvd.

      1. Give Mandarette a try:

        8386 Beverly Blvd (Cross Street: N Orlando Avenue, near La Cienega)
        Los Angeles, CA 90048
        (323) 655-6115

        I live right near there and it's been my favorite Chinese place so far. (Though I've only tried a few in the area.) They have a lot of good online reviews if you search around for them. Also I once saw Famke Jensen eating there if that does anything for you. :)

        1. Twin Dragon (on Pico and Holt) delivers to this neighborhood. I rarely eat Chinese food, but I have a total soft spot for their Kung Pao Chicken and the Aromatic Prawns. You can check out their menu here: