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Bulldog the only coffeehouse in TO doing latte art?

I've loved Bulldog on recent visits to TO and am looking forward to many trips there when I am in town next month, but at their website they claim that they're the only coffeehouse in Toronto to do latte art- is this true? If not, what are some others?

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Queen E. between Logan & Carlaw.

        They also do a little bit of it at Hollywood Gelato, but it's formulaic rather than infinitely creative.

        Both Mercury and Hollywood make very good lattes.

    1. B Espresso (111 Queen E.) does some latte art (although it depends who's making your coffee), but nothing fancy. Mostly hearts for cute girls, that sort of thing.

      - Lea

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        I didn't like B last visit- weird seating and I have no patience for places that sell Illy any more (or any Italian roaster, unless I'm in Italy)

      2. okay, i have to ask, what is latte art?

          1. re: MaryZ

            many thanks! i kind of suspected, but wasn't sure. and had no idea how beautiful it could be until i clicked your link.

          2. I've had latter art on my latte at Balzacs Cafe in the distillery district

            1. Mainja- when latte art is done, it's not just a reflection of the barista's artistic-ness, but a sign that the milk is properly prepared and emulsified, and it demands a proper crema with the espresso. The resulting product will not only be pretty, but will also have a silky texture that will cause the drinker to eschew the meringue-like stiff ruined (yes, ruined) foam that poisons Starbucks milk-based drinks. Proper foamed milk takes, on a professional machine, perhaps 10 seconds to form. Next time you're at Starbucks (or Timothy's, etc) take note of how long the barista steams- they take FOREVER because they're taught to overstretch the milk, which gives a head of very stiff foam, and the rest- it's scalded, thin milk. And in addtion to its being, frankly, disgusting, one cannot do latte art with it.

              So latte art isn't just some obsession of coffee geeks that reflects minutiae that don't matter- it signifies, ideally, a really delicious experience.

              1. Dark Horse does it as well, Queen, W of Broadview.

                1. Fresh Start Coffee Co. at Bay and Elm serves latte art most of the time. It depends which barista is working but if you ask for it specifically, you should get it.

                  1. A little late to say this but yesterday there was a latte art competition on King St W. Alot of the mentioned cafes participated and some that were not listed. It's on Toronto Life's website somewhere.

                    Latte art in Toronto is growing, along with a trained group of Barista's who are bringing the coffee revolution.

                    1. http://www.thestar.com/Life/article/2...

                      Baristas brew an artful cuppa joe

                      Amber Fox of Bulldog Coffee walked away with the $250 and bragging rights after winning first place in an art form that's becoming the toast of the indie coffee shop scene.