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Feb 2, 2007 06:47 PM

Bulldog the only coffeehouse in TO doing latte art?

I've loved Bulldog on recent visits to TO and am looking forward to many trips there when I am in town next month, but at their website they claim that they're the only coffeehouse in Toronto to do latte art- is this true? If not, what are some others?

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Queen E. between Logan & Carlaw.

        They also do a little bit of it at Hollywood Gelato, but it's formulaic rather than infinitely creative.

        Both Mercury and Hollywood make very good lattes.

    1. B Espresso (111 Queen E.) does some latte art (although it depends who's making your coffee), but nothing fancy. Mostly hearts for cute girls, that sort of thing.

      - Lea

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      1. re: Canada Eats

        I didn't like B last visit- weird seating and I have no patience for places that sell Illy any more (or any Italian roaster, unless I'm in Italy)

      2. okay, i have to ask, what is latte art?

          1. re: MaryZ

            many thanks! i kind of suspected, but wasn't sure. and had no idea how beautiful it could be until i clicked your link.

          2. I've had latter art on my latte at Balzacs Cafe in the distillery district