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Feb 2, 2007 06:38 PM

Recommendation for Indian near Hartford

Will be in Hartford tomorrow afternoon and would like to take my mom-in-law for Indian. I am from Boston...any one have a suggestion?

If Indian is not an option anyone have any other lunch suggestions. We are going to the Mark Twain House.

Thank you,

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  1. There's nothing Indian in the immediate vicinity of Mark Twain. You can drive a few miles to Taste of India in West Hartford. Also, West Hartford Center has a ton of restaurants.

    1. agree with Taste of India in West Hartford...very good food...on South Main St...

      also, Kashmir on Wethersfield Ave in Hartford is good with nice atmosphere...rugs and tapestries covering the walls, soft lighting...

      about 10 minutes from Mark Twain house..

      1. I'm too late to have gotten to you -- but, India Oven on Park Rd. in WH is my top choice for Indian in the area.

        1. Priya is hands down the best Indian in the area, but it is in Rocky Hill.

          1. taste of india in west hartford is horrible! kashmir is ok. I havent been to India Oven but Ive heard great things about it. but if you want outstanding indian, take a trip to middletown and check out haveli on S. Main St.. the food is more flavorful and interesting. whatever you do, stay away from Taste of India!

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              I disagree about Taste of India..last time I was there...a few weeks ago on a Sat night, the food was great and at least half the restaurant was Indian patrons..I started my career working for an Indian owned company in NYC, every party was indian catered and I have eaten at the most expensive(and fantastic) Indian in NY to small take out I have some knowledge and taste buds to back up my opinion